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  1. Re: Supply issue? Want to avoid supplementing.

    Thanks for the support. And good idea on adding olive oil to the fruit and vegs! He loves avocado and meats, so that helps. I will definitely try going to a LLL meeting. When I've called or emailed...
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    Re: Timing when introducing solids

    I'm no expert, first time mom here. My son would not eat solids until I thinned them a bit more. Are you thinning them, too? I used applesauce to thin other fruits or potatoes, and broth to thin...
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    Mucousy cough when eating solids

    Hi! So my boy is eating solids now, and loving them. I've noticed though, that sometimes when eating he starts getting raspy sounding, and needs to cough here or there to clear some mucous out of his...
  4. Re: Supply issue? Want to avoid supplementing.

    Ok, I'm back. And I should intro by saying my boy, now 7 months, has been gaining weight and growing, but my doctor is still not satisfied. He's 16# 6 oz as of this week. His weight percentile has...
  5. Re: Supply issue? Want to avoid supplementing.

    She uses the new charts, and even looked on the breastfed chart. Her concern is that he "crossed two lines" and that can signal failure to thrive. Which I thought was extreme, since my son is...
  6. Re: Supply issue? Want to avoid supplementing.

    Thank you both for your feedback and reassurance. I feel better knowing my supply if normal. I figured it must be if my little guy is never fussy/hungry, only fussy/tired. After he eats he's been...
  7. Supply issue? Want to avoid supplementing.

    Hi! I've done a lot of reading here, but thought I'd try to get a more specific answer to my current situation.

    I'm a new mama to a happy, chunky-legged little guy who's 22 weeks old and...
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