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    Re: Where to donate milk?

    http://humanmilk4humanbabies.org/ is the new name for the Eats on Feets Global Network...they'd love to have you!
  2. Re: Just need support, having a hard time :(

    We're in the same boat. SO hard not to feel personal rejection (mine is in a 'push-it-away' phase for anything she doesn't want, and having a breast pushed away? Well, that makes me tear up...).
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    a "chicken or egg" question

    How do we know if my supply dropped because of the reappearance of AF yesterday (BOO), or a supply drop caused AF to return?

    In the past 2 weeks, we've had some awful teething (fingers are always...
  4. for those who have older babies just starting solids

    I'm talking 10, 11 months as older. :cool:

    What did you do as far as what, when, how much?

    DD is 11 months, and gets a few bites of smooshed up banana with us at dinner, and that's about all...
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    Re: symptoms of growth spurt?

    I know it has been a long time since you posted, but I did a search and this came up.

    My DD is doing the exact same thing. And, I'm a first-timer, too, so I'm a worrier!

    She is sleeping like a...
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    3 month growth spurt?

    DD has been sleeping like a log lately...7 hours, then 5, last night she slept almost 8. 14 weeks old today.

    Last night on the couch she slept on my lap for 3.5 hrs when she usually nibbles off...
  7. Re: is it ever too late to learn a good latch?

    I went to Dr. Newman's site a while back, but honestly I was so turned off by the vibe I got...the 'using a shield is horrible and why on earth would you do it stop immediately" thing was NOT what I...
  8. Re: is it ever too late to learn a good latch?

    I went to my meeting last week, but it was the morning one, and mornings usually aren't toooooo bad. Leader said we looked good.

    The night one is this week, so we shall see. I am also thinking...
  9. is it ever too late to learn a good latch?

    Siiiiigh. :cry The crummy foggy dreary weather here isn't helping me be positive...

    DD is 13 weeks, and has only recently (past 2 or 3 wks) begun to accept nursing without the durn shield. Once...
  10. Re: feed on demand, structure/schedule, and engorgement?

    I have reread everything, and I think what I meant to ask, or want to know now, is whether or not she will sleep through her own hunger cues? I doubt that, but I just thought it was strange for a 2...
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    Re: Funny things your LO does...

    DD is 2 months today, so she's really just getting into the cuteness type of stuff...

    She has always been a sneezer, and lately follows a weak sneeze with an ahhhohhh. Doesn't look right in...
  12. feed on demand, structure/schedule, and engorgement?

    DD is 2 months today.

    We feed on demand, sleep when the mood hits, etc. This works, she's growing like a weed, appropriate dipe count (I'm pretty sure), etc.

    However, I've had some engorgement...
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    Re: Still having latch problems at 7 weeks

    Thanks for posting this-I could have written it myself. DD is a few days older, and our latch problems are related to the shield that the hospital LC got us hooked on. Love the advice that has come...
  14. Re: I worry for nothing... apparently...

    I had the same fear and the same result. Isn't it great to know how well we feed them???

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    Re: nipple re-learning?

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    nipple re-learning?

    I'm still trying to get us weaned off the shield. DD has the worst latch technique, and it is totally my fault for not stopping it weeks ago (she was 6 weeks on Thanksgiving).

    No matter how long...
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    Re: pump parts in fridge?

    Sounds good!

    Now for my next question...

    How often do they need to be sterilized vs. just thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water?

    Do the collection/storage bottles need to be sterilized...
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    pump parts in fridge?

    I have an Ameda Purely Yours. DD is 6 wks (can't believe she's that old already!!!) and I've started pumping over the weekend just to clear my ducts. Mastitis was no fun and I want every one of those...
  19. Re: Appearance of expressed breastmilk??? HELP

    Sorry, I'm punchy from little sleep due to mastitis over the weekend...but had to type what I'm hearing in my head...Sean Connery's voice coming out of my little 7 pounder saying she likes her milk...
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    Babywearing and mastitis

    LO is almost 6 wks, and I finally got my Moby wrap. We were just starting to practice with it (well, tried once or twice with DH as a spotter, but never got her in it and she lost patience with our...
  21. Re: Contradictory advice=stressed new mom! Help...

    ...about the "physically hurting"...I am currently dealing with a horrid case of mastitis, and the shield may be partially to blame. I don't think now is the right time to try to wean from it, but I...
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    Re: Mastitis and Supply

    Well, judging by how long she nursed-wasn't just comfort sucking, there was good swallowing-this morning on the affected side, we're back in business. Last evening, I felt better so I ate. Got lots...
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    Re: Mastitis and Supply

    Wow...I came on tonight planning to start this exact thread. I'd say it is nice to know that I"m not the only one, but it is not nice for ANYONE to have mastitis. Horrid.

    I was just noticing (to...
  24. Contradictory advice=stressed new mom! Help...

    First, the stats: DD is 4.5 wks. 6#6 at birth, 6#2 at 1 wk, 6#5 at 2 wk, 6#15 at 3 wk. No weight taken last week.

    DD had apparently been sucking on her tongue and lower lip to keep entertained...
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    Re: When to switch breasts

    This is my problem...I feel like we're nursing forever, and I feel like she spends most of the time with the fluttery shallow sucking. How do I get her to "wake up" and really eat so she gets what...
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