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  1. Re: still in search of the perfect bottle...

    I used (I think) the gerber nuk nipples that have a wide base and slow flow, supposed to 'be for breastfeeding babie's. I had evenflo bottles, and they fit on both my lansinoh and medela pump...
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    Re: Supplementing while at work

    As a mom who nursed/pumped and supplemented for 15 out of 16 months (EBF first 4 weeks), it can be done. Given the babies age, she may be fine to nurse nights/weekends, give formula while at work,...
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    Re: Getting too big for Boppy

    I never liked the boppy-too small for me. I loved the mybrestfriend (for twins) pillow.
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    Re: table manners and 13 month old

    My biggest concern would be choking.

    We want our children to learn that we eat meals together at the table. We sometimes give DD1/DD2 a few goldfish to snack on when they are 'loose' but not...
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    Re: Can pumping volume increase?

    I would suggest pumping 3 times while at work, since your baby is so young and probably eats that often (or more) when nursing. I know it's hard to fit in 3 pumps in an 8 hour day, but you can do...
  6. Re: fridging pump parts of Ameda between sessions??

    I would keep everything connected during the day. I did that in a big ziploc bag.

    I never washed or refrigerated my pump parts during the day (8 hours), and I didn't refrigerate my milk until I...
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    Re: Can pumping volume increase?

    Can you tell us more about your schedule? What times are you pumping? How many hours a day do you work? Do you have a commute? Can you see baby over lunch to nurse?

    In the beginning, I always...
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    Re: Supplementing

    Are you nursing as soon as you get home? I think on your schedule you may get home at 8, can you nurse right then? Because-I suggest possibly giving less milk and nursing right when you return, you...
  9. Re: Working, BFing and multiple young kids?

    When my son was 13 months we got pregnant with DD1/DD2 (going for 1 and got 1 free). We thought having kids 2 years apart made the most sense for us (still in diapers, closer schedules, naps,...
  10. Re: washing pump parts and bottles

    I used the dishwasher for all pump parts except the small membranes (since they could go down the drain), using generic powdered dishwasher detergent. Used to use jet dry but now have a water...
  11. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    You should head over to the leaky boob dot com blog, she recently wrote an article about feelings of breastfeeding (how not all women love it). I didn't love it. But I did love the close feeling I...
  12. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    PP made an excellent point, about nursing before/after work being 'my time with her'. I did not enjoy breastfeeding my son, I lacked support and local resources and gave up too quickly. Things were...
  13. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    I nursed and pumped for 9 months (pump weaned at 12 months, returned to work at 3 months).

    I woke my girls up to nurse in the morning (about 6am), then would pump 3x at work (gradually reduced to...
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    Re: Exercise Bra?

    I bought a couple of sports bras about 6 months ago, and my favorite is the Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra, but I wear a traditional underwire underneath. There is virtually no bounce, I...
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    Re: Pumping question

    How long are you away from your baby? How many times are you pumping during that time?

    I wonder if your baby may be drinking too much. Usual guidelines are 1-1.5oz per hour. For many breastfed...
  16. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    When she tries to read a book while latched (DD2)
  17. Re: 1 week bussiness trip...what should I do

    I nurse my 16 month old twins once a day (am). Last weekend went away with DH for 2 nights (missed 2 am feedings). I was engorged on the 2nd day (I was leaking, which I haven't done in months and...
  18. Re: 'Milk neck' or yeast infection?

    One of my daughters had so many neck wrinkles when she was small and if we weren't diligent about cleaning them everyday they could get a little red. It could also be sweat. I would think keeping...
  19. Re: How did you introduce Cows Milk??

    Slowly. We began introducing cows milk in one bottle/sippy a day around 11 or 12 months. My girls rejected it. But we persisted, and gave them an ounce or two daily and after a few weeks they were...
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    Re: We are done

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You did an incredible job and the best you could do. Know that.
  21. Re: Do I wake baby to nurse before work?

    I asked the same question about waking to feed last year. I used to wake my twins to feed before leaving for work and still do it to this day. On weekends they will *sometimes* sleep an hour or two...
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    Re: Lunch time visits

    How would you feel if you pumped instead of nursed over lunch? If it is less stressful for your LO and you can pump, that may be a decent alternative. Just my 2cents
  23. Re: Reducing breastfeeding (not complete weaning) by 11 mo o

    I started partial weaning of my twins around 10-11 months. I wanted to stop pumping at 12 months (I am away for 12 hours for work) and didn't see how I could go without pumping weekdays and nurse...
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    Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    As PP have said, each kid is different.
    But, I have had luck with the born free sippys. We used them with DS, and introduced DD1 and DD2 to them around 8 months or so (with water, now they get...
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    Re: Job Interview while pregnant

    Agree with the previous poster. This is tricky.
    I got my current role (albeit at the same company) when 12-16 weeks pregnant with twins, I could barely hide it. But I did, and when I got the...
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