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    Re: Where to buy fenugreek?

    Whole Foods has Fenugreek, I live in Phoenix, too and that's where I've seen it. I just order from SwansonVitamins.com, tho.
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    Re: Wasting storage bags

    Just so you know ... Lansinoh bottles fit the Medela pump! I was at Target looking for extra Medela bottles and cringing at the price, when DH said, "Why don't you use these purple ones? They're...
  3. Re: Am I being too impatient? Will it stop hurting?

    What the ...?? I responded to this thread yesterday ... where's my post?? :shrug Blah! Anywho, let me try and recreate my message ...

    Thank you so much for the wealth of information. I will...
  4. Am I being too impatient? Will it stop hurting?

    I have been EP-ing for 6 weeks now, and my nipples are still pink, raw, sore, tender, etc., and the first few minutes of each pump are painful even on the lowest setting. (After about 5 minutes I can...
  5. Re: Repeating PIS Let Down Phase more than 1x / pumping session

    Well if staying in the letdown phase = oversupply, then I'm all over it, since I can't pump enough for DS and have to supplement =/

    But somehow I don't think it's going to be that easy >_<
  6. Re: Repeating PIS Let Down Phase more than 1x / pumping session

    I would love to hear more experiences with this ... I also get a LOT less pain with the letdown phase than the expression phase ... if the output is the same then why not? But then there must be a...
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    Re: My rant about horn sizes

    I only wish I could find a horn that made my nipple look like the "good fit" picture on the Ameda website ... it just keeps sucking more of my aereola into the tunnel, and it ends up looking like the...
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    My rant about horn sizes

    I have a Medela PISA and can not for the life of me figure out what size horns I need.

    I started with the medium of course, that came with the pump. But my nipples definitely rubbed on the inside...
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    Can I use a manual for this?

    Hi all!!

    I am an EP-er, I am using the Medela PISA, and it's great, but I've been eyeing the Medela Harmony lately ...

    I am thinking of doing the following: keep using the PISA all the time,...
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    Re: How to cut down on pumping frequency?

    These are the facts, ma'am:

    Week 1: Started breastfeeding. For various reasons (bad latch, low milk production, jaundice, etc.) had to switch to pumping & supplementing
    Week 2-4: Pumping every...
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    How to cut down on pumping frequency?

    There I was, keepin' on keepin' on, pumping every 2-3 hours (with a longer stretch at night for rest) and building my milk supply, watching it slowly grow ... I ordered some fenugreek to help it...
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    Re: Hands free pumping

    I was frustrated with not being able to multitask so I took a sports bra and cut two holes in it and use that as a "pumping bra" ... it works great and is much cheaper than the one you get online ...
  13. Re: How is this supposed to add up/work?? At wit's end!!

    Thanks so much for your responses and support. I have been having a hard time reconciling the advice to pump every 2 hours and also get enough rest and food. Since feeding takes an hour, pumping...
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    Will a sports bra reduce my supply?

    I am an EP-er, own a PISA and was tired of holding the bottles. Being the crafty and impatient person that I am, I decided I could just make myself a pumping bra. So I cut holes out of a sports bra...
  15. Re: How is this supposed to add up/work?? At wit's end!!

    DS is 11 days old. I started BF-ing exclusively but my milk came in late (and not too much when it did) and he was showing signs of not getting enough to eat, so hubby & mom convinced me to start...
  16. How is this supposed to add up/work?? At wit's end!!

    These are the facts:

    DS needs 16-32 oz of milk daily (he averages about 20)

    I am currently exclusively pumping every 2 hours and producing a grand total of: 6 to 8 ounces a day. Can anyone tell...
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