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  1. Re: How do I pump enough to last while I'm at work?

    Well I'm kind of pushing it with three months off. I've said I plan to return to work the first week of September when Anna is 3 months old. I just have so many conflicting emotions! I should...
  2. How do I pump enough to last while I'm at work?

    This is long, but I'm really having a hard time making a big life choice and figuring how to factor nursing into that choice!! See more...

    I'm struggling with whether to return to my p/t job....
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    Re: Is there anything I can do to help baby poo?

    The same thing happened to me weeks ago - my little one went about 6 days. My pediatrician and others said this was okay, so try not to worry! Your baby will eventually poo but be forewarned that...
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    Re: Exercising while breastfeeding

    Thanks for all of your many suggestions and links! I figured out my caloric needs to maintain my current weight and then multiplied that number by by 1.5 to factor in my activity levels, then added...
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    Re: I need help! So ready to quit breastfeeding

    You said your baby is 4 weeks old, so I wouldn't feel frustrated about pumping that 2 oz. over 20 minutes. My pediatrician said that to get a rough idea of how much a baby needs at each feeding, take...
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    Exercising while breastfeeding

    I just went to a personal trainer and she said I should aim to intake 1,800 calories a day in food while burning 400 calories/day, 5 days a week, in exercise to lose 1-2 pounds a week. I am concerned...
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    Re: exercise and breastfeeding

    Great questions. I think exericising is fine after 6 weeks, just find a supportive bra, nurse right before you exercise (for comfort mainly), and be sure to drink more water during and after...
  8. Temas: baby rash

    by dslzest

    Re: baby rash

    My little girl (7 weeks) also has a red rash that looks like little red pimples, primarily on her cheeks, chin, and forehead. The Dr. said he thinks it is baby acne and prescribed pimecrolimus cream,...
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