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    Re: domperidone and herbs

    when we started supplementing I was giving the bottle after nursing, but I read an article about finishing at the breast and it made a lot of sense to me....
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    Re: domperidone and herbs

    Thanks. He's doing much better with his latch. Right now we're supplementing with bottles before each feeding and I'm pumping after each feeding, but I'm hoping to wean off the supplements once my...
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    domperidone and herbs

    I posted a while ago about problems I was having with nursing my son. He's now 4 months old and we've been dealing with bad latch and low supply since day 1. I finally decided to try domperidone...
  4. Re: Had to give her formula this evening...

    Are you taking any herbs or medication to increase your supply? When and how much are you pumping now?
    I'm having low supply, too, but I have seen some increase by taking fenugreek and drinking...
  5. Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    So we saw the lactation consultant today, she was very encouraging. She says I'm doing all the right things but she thinks Benjamin needs some help with his jaw. She said that his mouth was probably...
  6. Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    so I kept track of Benjamin's supplement intake the past two days and this is what it looked like:

    Sunday - 75 mL formula (2.5 oz), 254 mL breast milk (about 8.5 oz) for a total of about 11 oz of...
  7. Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    nursing him at work is great, I'm so thankful I can do that. Now only if he could nurse well enough to be satisfied in 30 minutes...

    I haven't been keeping track of supplement amounts this week, i...
  8. Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    thank you for the kellymom links, they're always very helpful.
    I tried to work on baby's latch today, but he's very stubborn about opening his mouth up wide, I blame it on giving him bottles early...
  9. Desperatley in need of some advice

    I am so glad I found this forum! after reading through several other threads I am very hopeful that I'll be able to find the advice I need here.

    A little background - I am 25 and this is my first...
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