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    Re: Toddler drinks too much water!!?

    My dog is diabetic so I am no stranger to symptoms of elevated glucose! Actually, that was my first thought when this all began but his urine sample was impeccably clean, sugar normal.
    The dr isn't...
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    Toddler drinks too much water!!?

    Hi all,

    I haven't posted in a while and hope you are all having a wonderful summer:hello.

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post but...

    My DS (18 months) is drinking copious amounts of...
  3. Re: many diet restrictions due to eczema - should I switch to formula?

    A close friend of mine has a baby with severe exzema (detergents were not to blame), he was diagnosed at 3-4 months. She did allergy tests on him and it showed a few allergies to...
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    Re: Diaper Rash and food allergies

    I think allergies related to food (via mother's milk, in your case) are apparent not so much as a diaper rash, but more specifically as a red, aggravated ring around the anus. I would also think it...
  5. Re: 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

    Are there other LOs around that yours could spend meal time time with? I've noticed that my 15mo will copy other kids and is always more interested in their snacks, not his own. It might be your lo...
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    Re: I feel he doesn’t love me…

    I wouldn't take it personally, though I know that is nearly impossible. At that age they are too young to 'love' in the ways we know it and their responses are based on needs and who satisfies...
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    Re: Time w/ the husband....

    I'd take shower time over hubby time... I would go a few days without bathing because baby was so attached.

    In addition to the pillow suggestion, you could also leave a smelly shirt of yours...
  8. Re: has anyone seen the nursing 8-year-old video on youtube?

    I saw that video a while back, actually I spent a fair amount of time on it and also with a video response by some ditsy bozo woman who does a sort of blog video show discussing 'hot topics'- can't...
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    Re: About to give up

    Ditto to pp.
    For what its worth, I also had occasional green stools and noticed it was often a reflection of what I had eaten.

    I think the lesser time your lo is taking to feed is a result of...
  10. Re: Baby throws up massively, refuses bottle

    If that's the case, I would definately call your ped.... not to alarm you but it sounds related to the vaccination. My ped told us when we had the dtap that fever (within reason of course) was...
  11. Re: Baby throws up massively, refuses bottle

    How old is she?
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    Re: Roll Call...


    Though I'm not in the original gang as it were <g> my lo is only 16 mos but I think I might fit in:eye as a AP mom, baby wearing (found my maya ring sling on ebay way before the birth before I...
  13. Temas: oatmeal

    by @llli*gooch

    Re: oatmeal

    I add a dollop of molasses and puree some fruits to add in. I also share his breakfast from the same bowl since he is always interested in eating what he sees me eating:rolleyes:
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    Re: Introducing Whole Milk

    Perhaps goat/sheeps milk woud be more tolerable, or at least goat cheese or yogurt if you are committed to giving her milk of a sort other than bm. It is more similar to human milk than cow's I read...
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    Re: DH want me to wean...

    I was going to say just that- what kind of pediatrician do you have? Are they on your side? If not, would you be able to find one that is and who will in front of your husband, congratulate/encourage...
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    Re: Is this true?!

    I would ask your SIL what studies she read to support her (ridiculous) argument because there is no shortage of scientific proof that indicates otherwise (waiting until at least six months.....:ita
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    Re: baby doesn't gain weight or get taller

    Hi there, like PP said I wouldn't worry. It happened to us too. My ds is a tiny one and suddenly gained weight and grew 5cms in one month at 14 months!
    Before he was a year old and I was worried...
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    Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    Hilarious thread!!!!

    And no, milk does not come out of my belly button...:rolleyes:

    Mine is obsessed with my mole, which is quite pronounced and conveniently located between my breasts....
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    Re: inverted/flat nipples

    I always thought I had perfectly normal nipples until a few weeks before I delivered baby, the mid wife lifted up my shirt and claimed I had flat/inverted nipples! I was mortified. She told me to...
  20. Re: Do you have a different nationality from your child? I need your help!

    Is there a way to start a new forum for International/Multinational Mothers and add this thread?

    I found it very informative as I am abroad and have a son who will be multinational and am facing...
  21. Re: 1yr old baby still BFing, but how much is enough?


    I live in Greece and it is equally backward! I was encouraged to stop too by 1yr by the ped and my mid wife, especially now that I am pregnant again. Here most people stop BF at 3 months!
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    Re: Is this confusing him?

    Hi there,
    I can't offer any advise but only say that I am in exactly the same situation- pregnancy hormones haywire and down to only nursing my DS to sleep (early morning, nap at noon and night...
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    Re: Off to a bad start for the 2nd time.


    I had very sore nipples too and was off to a not very good start. Lansinoh really helped. Things got much better as time went on, my lo finally latched correctly. I still use the lansinoh...
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    Re: LO will only fall asleep at Breast

    Yes, he's teething- two came up just ten days ago. One top one is about to too. I know bf won't last long, its just that the time he's asleep until I go to bed is the only time I have off to eat,...
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    LO will only fall asleep at Breast

    Hi everyone, any tips on how to get your baby to sleep without having to nurse for hours on end? My DS won't sleep unless I lie down next to him and BF. He will suckle through a couple let downs and...
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