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  1. Re: Blockfeeding led to Undersupply - he

    Just a quick update that he's gained 10 oz since his one month check-up last week per the pediatrician, and now that I've kept him latched at one breast without "switch-nursing", his stools and wet...
  2. Re: Blockfeeding led to Undersupply - he

    Thank you both, joe.s.mom and zorkycharlemagne, for your responses! I also inquired with a League Leader and she suggested the same that you did - I feel very reassured.

    I am still concerned with...
  3. Blockfeeding led to Undersupply - help!

    Hi LLLI Moms,

    Hoping you can all give a paranoid first time momma some guidance and encouragement - I really want to continue breastfeeding until my son is at least a year!

    I was engorged with...
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