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    Pumping and OS

    I am breastfeeding my son and i have an oversupply problem. I drown the poor thing everytime he eats. He fusses when i try to put him on the breast, pulling back and pushing my breast away. He tries...
  2. Re: Advice on Breastfeeding Baby number

    Well the reason i think he may need formula is just in case he looses too much weight or if it gets to the point where he is so hungry before my milk comes in that he wont stop crying or wont nurse....
  3. Re: Advice on Breastfeeding Baby number

    Thank you all so much for the support and advice. I want to be ready when i get into the hospital so i can get things how i want. I have to have a c-section because the hospital that i use has a...
  4. Advice on Breastfeeding Baby number 2

    Ok, so i am 2 weeks away from my c-section with baby number 2 :clap. My first child i had a horrible experience in the hospital with breastfeeding and by the time i got home i just gave her a bottle....
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