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    Help me understand let down/MER

    Hi guys,
    My story is posted here somewhere, but here it is as it relates to my
    question... My baby was born at 25 weeks, I immediately started
    pumping. I experienced engorgement around day 4. By...
  2. any Drs. who treat low supply?

    Does anyone know of any drs. out there who are studying low supply or treat it? I want to know the reason my milk never came in and I was wondering if any drs. out there specialize in that...
  3. Re: pumping for a preemie, is 12oz/day still low?

    to update: I have been so tired and stressed lately! I am getting up twice every night to pump and have been waking up about an hour after my 4:00 am pumping and can't go back to sleep. I am battling...
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    Low milk supply due to preemie?

    I am very sad and battling depression over my supply issue. My baby was born at 26 weeks. He is my first. Is it possible that the premature birth is the only reason my milk did not come in the way it...
  5. Re: pumping for a preemie, is 12oz/day still low?

    Thanks for the responses...we started non-nutritive sucking yesterday. It went really well. I will see if I get an increase in my supply. I am worried that it may be too much work for him if I have...
  6. pumping for a preemie, is 12oz/day still low?

    Hi guys,
    Well, my baby is 9 weeks old and hasn't started nipple feeding. I just got to hold him for the first time two weeks ago. I started out with really low supply, 1 to 2oz a day. With all the...
  7. pumping for a 26 weeker, very low supply...

    I am getting pretty desperate with this pumping thing! I have been pumping from day one (two weeks ago) with the Symphony double pump. I am at two weeks and am getting only 100 ml a day. I am pumping...
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