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    Re: Always nurses to sleep

    Anxiety! Everyone is telling me to let her cry, I'm not a fan of 'training'. I'm just all over the place. I guess getting all worked up. I don't know anyone who nursed pass one...
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    Always nurses to sleep

    I'm looking for ideas on how to get my 1 year old to sleep without the boob. I'm a SAHM, so my DD has always had the breast, no bottles. I want to wean very slowly, but I'm at a loss when it comes to...
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    Re: 8 month old eating enough???

    Thanks Mommal! I'm such a worrier... :)
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    8 month old eating enough???

    Hello ladies!
    So I'll just get right to it... My dd is 8 mos., 18lbs 4ozs, and just perfect :) She has really cut down her frequency. She used to bf every 2 hrs, now sometimes she'll go up to 4...
  5. Re: Baby Pinching Breast/Kneading OUCH!

    We just got past this :) I just held my dd's hand or gave her a small toy. There were a few times she got me good... OUCH!!!!
  6. Re: How much is enough? Whats the Norm? KINDA LONG SORRY

    First, I'm so sorry for your loss.. Second, these forums are a lifesaver!
    I just wanted to let you know that my almost 8 month old does four oz. bottles. She has never had more than that. I've...
  7. Re: Why do ppl care so darn much about how I raise my child!!

    Thankyou for your post!!!! We feel the same way. The BEST comeback I have was told to me by my mother. "you cannot spoil a child with love" This has put alot of people in their place....
  8. Re: 6 wk old wants to nurse constantly???

    Totally normal! And I LOVE my moby wrap!
  9. Re: Any truth to veggies before fruits???

    Thanks Mommas! I didn't think it made a difference, especially with BF babies ;)
  10. Any truth to veggies before fruits???

    Hello Ladies!
    This forum is my saving grace!
    My DD is 5.5 months old, EBF, & thriving... We are preparing to introduce solids. Is there any truth that if you do fruit before veggies your baby...
  11. Re: When did you notice your LO not nurse as often as he did

    Right around 4 months. Before that DD nursed every hour, now its a whopping 2 hours. Feels like forever though!
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    Re: Do any of you........

    I feel the same way! I'm sick of people telling me I need to "get out", especially if they don't have kids (or are formula feeding). I'm happy, & frankly its more stressful to leave my DD @ home....
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