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  1. Fixed my lipase problem!!!! (without scalding)

    My breastmilk started going sour/tasting soapy a few months ago, when my girls were 11 months old. I recently went to my acupuncturist who thought maybe my system was too acidic and not alkaline...
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    Re: Another lipase question

    I haven't changed my activity level at all. But I am pumping more than I used to. When I started giving my LOs sippy cups and moving them off bottles, they started to nurse less. So I started pumping...
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    Another lipase question

    I just started having excess lipase in my pumped milk when my triplets turned about 11 months to 1 year. I cannot find what causes it and how to make it go away. i know I can scald my milk, but there...
  4. Expressed milk spoiling quickly all of a sudden??

    I am having trouble with my expressed milk spoiling quickly all of a sudden. I have almost 1 year old triplets and in the last several weeks, my milk is spoiling a lot quicker. I tried making sure...
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