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    Re: Our road to weaning

    Max will get there too! And then you'll be a happy/sad emotional mess like me, lol!

    Seriously though, you are amazing. The thought of tandem was too overwhelming for me. You are superwoman!
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    Re: Our road to weaning

    The last month or so he is nursing between 3-4 x's a day (morning, nap, when I get home from work and bed). I stopped offering a few months ago but always nursed upon his request. More recently I...
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    Our road to weaning

    ...has begun. My little guy is just about 28 months now and he has gone to bed the last 2 nights without any "baba's". I have been wanting him to wean recently but of course now that it is taking...
  4. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    I've given chicken from chicken soup in like little shreds and it was so tender he gobbled it up. I've also given little bits of turkey burger.

    Some recent things he's also liked: Butternut...
  5. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    Baked potato yesterday and he loved it! Also, I gave him some beans and yellow and green squash from my minestrone soup the other day. They were all a big hit.
  6. Re: How many hours a day are you away from LO?

    9 hours per day, 3 days a week. It used to be 5 days so I don't complain about the 3 now. When I get home and see how excited he is to see me, it's the best.
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    Re: Blood In Breastmilk

    I had a little blood once when I had a clogged duct. Feel any lumps?
  8. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    Another skeered-e-cat here with F (8.5 months). Whereas with Seb I let him try everything by this time. For some reason I have been nervous with BLS this time around. And he loves to self feed too. I...
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    Re: Doctor wants me to start bottles

    Kathryn, I am just getting to this thread. You are such a rockstar. :hug Take it day by day, mama. :gvibes
  10. Re: Still havingproblems...i'm crying!!

    Sounds like you are doing great actually. It can be hard at first, I know. My 2nd son is now 6 months and it has become a breeze but I wasn't without some of the same worries in the beginning. We hit...
  11. Re: do toddlers EVER wean on their own?

    My toddler weaned on his own at 21 1/2 months. I do believe it was because I was about 5 months pregnant and I started to lose my milk, so he just lost interest and stopped asking.
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    Re: Feeling Nostalgic

    Awe, Kelly :happytears. Too sweet. Happy Birthday Gabe!
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    Re: We're Weaning

    :hug :happytears Our little ones are growing up :happytears
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    Re: I kicked the pump to the curb...

    :ita Congrats on pumping for so long. (Paige, that'll be us again in a few months :yikes)
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    Re: So it just hit me

    Fantastic :clap :hug
  16. Re: I think we're finally on the road...

    :hug This was me 3 months ago :hug. try and treasure everytime you nurse him now and take a picture if you can. I wish I had thought to do this but I had no idea that he would just stop asking one...
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    Re: My letter to Ryan

  18. Re: ideas for limiting nursing sessions?

    Hmm, does he have a lovie? When DS was self-weaning he became very attached to his blankie. So I would make sure he had that and rub his back or belly until he fell back asleep. Also, do you have a...
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    Re: Going back to work in 2 weeks...

    :hello You are not alone! I felt the same way. Once you get back to work you do fall into a routine and it just becomes a part of your day. I hated being separated from my LO so I was happy to be...
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    Re: Joshua turned 2!!!

    Happy Birthday Joshua! And congrats again Kathryn. :gvibes
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    Re: Our weaning story!

  22. Re: Serious conundrum - pumping question - 5 month old

    You shouldn't have to choose between pumping and eating. There are hands free alternatives, so you should be able to do both. Here is a link with ideas: ...
  23. Re: From OS to LS, how to get supply back

    Yes, it might be the cold. So try and take care of you. I know my pumping output dropped drastically when my period was about to make an appearance too. Check out this link for some extra tips....
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    Re: Well ... here we are!!!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday Preston! :clap
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    Re: going back to work and scared.

    10 minutes was enough time to pump for me. I used the medela PIS, got everything set up the night before and as soon as I got to my place to pump I got a move on. The I just threw the pumping stuff...
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