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  1. Re: pregnant mom giving nursing toddler "morning sickness"?

    I'm breastfeeding and nursing and did not notice any evidence of passing on morning sickness.
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    Re: My kid doesnot leave BF even after 2 yrs

    My son turns 2 next week and would happily nurse for hours, take a minute or two break then go back to nursing for hours. We had to stop nursing at night (well sort-of) since he got dental carries...
  3. Re: Wondering about nursing to sleep in the long run

    Up until two days ago, I nursed my 20 month old all night. Its a wonderful thing to share that time. However, we just took him to the dentist and he had 4 cavities and needs caps and a root canal,...
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    Re: Need Sleep - help!

    Oh my gosh yes!! Little Einstein is THE WAY my hubby deals with 'giving me a break' at night!

    How funny. Its so comforting that I'm not the only one with this issue. I guess I shouldn't be...
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    Need Sleep - help!

    My 17 month old nurses constantly. As I said in an earlier post, left to his own, he would nurse at least every hour - and that includes through the night! We share a family bed so I haven't had...
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    Re: 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

    Boy can I relate!!! My 17 month old wants to nurse constantly! When I say constantly, I mean he can finish nursing, go to a task and an hour later want to nurse again. He nurses ~4-5 times a...
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