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  1. Re: Advice: how much breast milk is enough to keep breastfee

    When my son was 9 months he was nursing at least 8 times a day. Now at almost 12 months it's about 7? I know on work days he nurses at least 4 times, and has 3 bottles.
  2. Re: Stomach bug leading to decreased/low supply?

    My son and I had a similar situation where he was sick, and then I was sick. The combination of him not eating well, followed by me not eating/drinking well tanked my supply but it did come back.
  3. Re: Preparing baby for pump weaning

    This is part of where I'm confused, I'm not sure how many meals I should be offering. I get the impression that he should be getting more offerings of solids. Currently he's getting things three...
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    Re: What can I expect?

    I sometimes use baby Tylenol and have found it helps a lot. I try and save it for night time, and sometimes I can get away with a half dose. Teething rings to chew on right before nursing sometimes...
  5. Re: Falls asleep nursing but wakes when I put him in the cri

    I know with my little guy I had to rock him and he had to be asleep for about 10 minutes before I could put him down oh so carefully. That went on until sometime around 6 or 7 months and suddenly...
  6. Re: Preparing baby for pump weaning

    I don't think he is being overfed. Well, maybe on days he eats a ton of solids? No matter how much or how little solids he eats that day he has the same amount of milk. I know when he's home if he...
  7. Preparing baby for pump weaning

    My baby turns 1 toward the end of December and I can't properly express how much I'm looking forward to pump weaning, or at least drastically reducing. Keeping up with pumping is a huge source of...
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    Re: 10 month old: how much solids?

    I'm in the food is for fun until they are one camp. If they want them great, if not no problem.

    My son seems to no longer be satisfied with just his nursing so we're working in more solids. Some...
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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    Don't! Not sleeping through the night is perfectly normal at this age. There is this big misconception that babies should sleep through the night and that if they don't something is wrong with...
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    Re: Low Weight Percentile

    Momma with a light weight for a child pipping in. :)

    My son was 7 pounds when born (25%) and then slowly dropped lower and lower on the weight chart each visit until his 6 month appointment when...
  11. Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    Those are really big bottles. Depending on the source I've read the biggest the bottle should be at a time for a breastfed baby is 3 to 4 oz because their tummies are little and can only hold so...
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    Re: Going Insane!

    Listen for the sound of swallowing. It sounds like "cha".

    For the falling asleep right away I have some suggestions. I had a hard to wake, hard to keep awake little guy. I would change his...
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    Re: Baby Led Weaning anyone?

    It is for sure easier! I tried purees the other day and it was a huge pain in my butt disaster and surprisingly more messy than baby led. I looked at my husband and said "I'm so glad we didn't go...
  14. Re: Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    I actually tasted the milk from his bottle last week on my way home from daycare just to see. It tasted just fine.

    Hopefully he's getting everything he needs still. He ate much better today. A...
  15. Re: Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    I'm so glad to hear it cleared up for your little guy! Babies can be so stubborn. We just finished our third week of this.

    I keep stressing about this from a size point. I worry he won't have...
  16. Re: still supply issues when pumping at work...

    And a little more reassurance: waking twice at your daughters age is completely normal! Their tummies are little, milk digests quickly, they need a snuggle and reconnect with mommy, and so much...
  17. Re: Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    Wednesday and Thursday he ate a total of 6oz (2oz each feed) so I thought things were on the mend, but Friday he was right back to his 4oz total.

    I don't think his at home nursing has increased,...
  18. Re: Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    No increase in solids. We do baby led weaning and are pretty lazy about offering solids at home, he doesn't get any solids at daycare. No liquid other than breastmilk. While we were on vacation I...
  19. Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    We've been back from vacation two weeks now and since coming back my son has been resistant about taking his bottles at daycare. I nurse him there before I leave, and send two 3oz bottles and one...
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    Re: Cosleeping and Breastfeeding

    This I think is the best if you have the space. We don't so got a mini co-sleeper. Now that he is older (7 months) and wiggles and rolls while sleeping its not enough space for him to be comfy.
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    Re: When can babies have water?

    I was just reading the information on Kelly Mom on giving water to a breastfed baby because I got a sippy cup for my almost 7 month old to start playing with.

    That says you can start giving them...
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    Re: my baby wont sleep without breast

    When you have to remove your breast have you tried very quickly replacing your nipple with your thumb for him and pressing on the rough of his mouth? You can then slowly reduce the pressure of your...
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    Re: my baby wont sleep without breast

    My little guy has been similarly dependent on me for his sleep, though I have been able to get him to sleep in his side car at night. At least until his first night feeding, after which he is in bed...
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    Re: Nighttime Help

    I was also going to mention the 4 month sleep regression. I didn't know it was a thing until it had already happened to us.

    We co-sleep for part of the night - he starts in a co sleeper and...
  25. Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    The milkies seem like a cool concept, but I haven't tried them.

    I use cloth, and have only used disposables a few times because I got a few freebies in one little package or another from...
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