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  1. Plugged ducts: have tried everything...HELP!!

    I'm too anxious from this pain to go searching for related posts, I'm sorry - but if anyone has any tips beyond the "apply heat" or warm shower & massage advice for plugged or clogged ducts - PLEASE...
  2. Painful lumps in breast....baby/pump not helping

    Somehow overnight, my R breast developed painful clogs/lumps and now I'm in a lot of pain :yikes - the nipple is hard, sore and swollen also...nursing the baby and my hospital grade rental pump are...
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    Re: Dilemma - stop solids until she nurses?

    AHHHH! I forgot, she IS teething. I saw a tooth poking thru this morning. But she has seemed to sail thru it with little to no fussiness. I thought it was all distractibility that was keeping her...
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    Dilemma - stop solids until she nurses?

    :confused: I have a dilemma - is it okay to withold solids until she nurses at least once today? For the past several weeks, I've been feeding DD solids about 2x a day - nothing major, just some...
  5. 6 mo DD doesn't seem to like the breast anymore

    Hi ladies, I haven't been around much b/c nursing had been going well up until recently.:)

    6 mo old DD seems to prefer her solid foods to the boob anymore. This has been going on for a couple of...
  6. Is there such thing as too many feedings?

    I feel like I'm bf my 4 mo old DD constantly these days. I don't know if I was low on milk or something, but she was fussy at the breast a few days ago and since then, I feel like we're nursing...
  7. Re: Plugged Duct? My breast is so sore ...NEED ADVICE

    Sounds like mastitis. If you have a reddened spot and soreness, I'd go ahead and call your OB and have a doctor or nurse practitioner see you asap.

    I had tenderness/soreness all day before my...
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    Re: Nursing and alcohol

    But that's why I feel so bad/guilty - the drinks I had did intoxicate me.....I felt crappy today. I just haven't had any drinks in so long that it didn't take much. So, I feel like I DID overdo it....
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    Nursing and alcohol

    I have an almost 4 month old DD....I had about 3 glasses of wine last night and I so rarely drink anything that it went to my head - I don't know what I was thinking. :confused: I planned to...
  10. Should I just give up on the left breast?

    My left breast has given me a lot of trouble since DD was born (she's 13 weeks now). I'm 9 days post mastitis and about 24 hours ago, DD has begun to reject my left breast completely. She twists...
  11. DD won't nurse on mastitis breast & pumping doesn't help

    Again I'm having problems. All of a sudden today, DD (13 weeks) won't nurse more than 30 seconds on the side that I've had so many problems with, including mastitis last week. Over the course of...
  12. Re: Discouraged, in vicious cycle, help me stay with BF

    I am using the cradle hold for both sides. I have tried DD under the arm (football hold?) in the past but gave up when she kept struggling. The lumps and knots are on the underside of the breast...
  13. Re: Discouraged, in vicious cycle, help me stay with BF

    Oh and yes, my left breast (the one that's affected now) has been a problem for me on and off since I had DD. It tends to have more milk and get engorged more than the other side. DD doesn't latch...
  14. Re: Discouraged, in vicious cycle, help me stay with BF

    Thank you for the responses. Yes, I am actually taking Motrin! It takes the throb down to a duller throb.:eek:

    My bras could be a problem. I've been wearing a 36 with a bra extender. I...
  15. Discouraged, in vicious cycle, help me stay with BF

    Ok, I am getting over mastitis and finally feeling better overall (but still taking the antibiotic). But my affected breast is always bugging me, always has knots and lumps and is throbbing/sore no...
  16. How can I not get mastitis again when dd is sleeping thru night?

    So DD (almost 3 months) slept about 7 hours night before last and I was somewhat engorged, but not in pain really. I thought she nursed well in the morning, then we had a erratic nursing day...
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    Re: face scratching?

    My DD is 11 weeks and rubs her face ALL the time. If she's not rubbing with her hands, then she's rubbing it on my shoulder. She doesn't seem to have a rash and the two dry patches she has I put...
  18. Help - new problem! DD has nursed me dry?? growth spurt?

    Well a few days ago I was complaining about too much milk on one side, now today, my 2 month old DD wants to nurse constantly and I feel that I have no more milk to give right now. She is sort of...
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    Re: Aggressive behavior at breast

    We had this last night! I have a 10 week old dd, and when she woke up at 1:30am to eat, she fussed and waved her arms around, pushing at me, clawing at me, grunting, etc. Then when I thought she'd...
  20. Re: sore nipples; improper latch or simple over use?

    Both my nipples are still pink...I have an irritated one so it is even pinker! It does get better although using the towel after the shower is still extremely awful, even after 10 weeks! :eek: I...
  21. One breast gives me trouble constantly - what to do?

    I have a 10 week old and pretty much from her birth, my left breast has been troublesome - it gets engorged, it has a bigger milk supply and probably OALD, it never feels like it gets emptied, I am...
  22. Re: Was engorged, now really sore on one side...leftover clogs? It hurts!

    Maybe this should be moved to infant Bf issues? I forget that my dd isn't quite a nb anymore - she's 7 weeks....:o I feel like she was just born.:)
  23. Was engorged, now really sore on one side...leftover clogs? It hurts!

    Hi everyone. Somehow last night, my DD didn't drain my left side very well and I ended up engorged and she didn't drain it well this morning either during her morning feed. So I've been having her...
  24. Re: Breastfeeding doesn't hurt, but occasional pumping does!

    Does the flange size depend on breast size? Or nipple size? I'm currently a B or small C cup at the moment...
  25. Breastfeeding doesn't hurt, but occasional pumping does!

    I EBF my 6 week old. When we had latch problems & I got blood blisters the first week, I rented a hospital pump so I could heal. I've been renting it so I can relieve engorgement and also stock up...
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