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    Re: help asap please!

    I'm sure you've heard this one too but here 'goes... Can dada wear one of your unlaundered shirts, or PJ top or something that smells like you?

    The first day back can be so challenging! Hang in...
  2. Health Care Bill contains language requiring employers to provide place to pump!

    (x-post from lactivism forum)

    While overall highly debated, CNN reports that the new Health Care Bill contains language requiring employers to provide non-restroom, private places to express milk!...
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    Re: Begin pump weaning? Feel torn

    What a GREAT thread!! :cheer

    Same boat here. DS2 is turning 1 and I am sick of pumping. But almost teary about "what if I never have another child?". Wow, just so emotional. This thread gave me...
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    Re: Co-sleeping?

    Aahh the nighttime thing! I know it well : )

    DS1 always slept well in his own bed. DS2, however, (11 mos now) only slept well when he slept with MAMA! Cosleeping was new to me at that time too....
  5. Re: 11 mo co-sleeps, wakes too often to nurse!

    First, you guys are all so great. I guess I've just had this I-know-what-I'm-doing attitude about breastfeeding, but I forget that even the experienced mamas have questions sometimes :ita

    I don't...
  6. 11 mo co-sleeps, wakes too often to nurse!

    DS2 is 11 mos old and is on solids but still loves his "milkies" :love from mama. I work outside the home full time and he attends daycare. We didn't co-sleep with DS1 but have been doing so with...
  7. Re: pumping so Dad can help to feed at nite

    Oh now wait, I have to chime in on the anti-pumping messages! Pumping so that dada can feed baby is a great idea. It can be difficult to nurse and pump both, so don't expect tons of milk if you're...
  8. Re: Gas? Not enough Milk? Feeling Helpless

    Your post sounded like me with DS2 last spring. I couldn't figure out what on earth was wrong. Through our trial and error, I had eliminated dairy from my diet (not 100% but most) and that seemed to...
  9. Anyone besides me get stomach sick when ovulation resumes??

    I've always had my hunches.... When DS1 was about 12 months old I suddenly became very sick to my stomach for a few days with vomiting. Then a month later had my first pp period.

    Now DS2 is 9...
  10. Re: food sensitivity - I gave up cow's milk, give up soy too?

    Just posting a follow up to my original post on this thread.... Yesterday I omitted soy and followed a dairy-free and now also soy-free diet. The day was entirely different! DS2's tummy made no loud...
  11. food sensitivity - I gave up cow's milk, give up soy too?

    DS2 is about 5 1/2 weeks now and he's been having trouble with sensitivity to what I eat. He spits up after every meal (size of spit up varies) and cries inconsolably in the evenings (yes I've read...
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    Re: Please help!

    For the mamas who posted on co-sleeping, my DS2 is 5 weeks old and we're doing that. However, I can't get out of bed because he wakes up! Any hints about co-sleeping but maintaining a bit of...
  13. Re: mama on antibiotics - how to prevent yeast inf?

    They gave it for an upper respiratory infection (productive cough with green mucus in chest). I generalized that as a cold, sorry...
  14. mama on antibiotics - how to prevent yeast inf?

    Yesterday I started a 5-day rx for the "z-pak" or azithromycin (sp?) for a cold. I know that any antibiotic kills off the good bacteria too, and I want to re-introduce some good bacteria (ie yogurt)...
  15. aversion to mom's dairy intake - issue starting at 2 weeks?

    DS is a great nurser and was from the get-go. However the past several days he has been REALLY gassy and fussy. It's like he did a 180 on us! A constant in my diet is dairy. Could this be a reaction...
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    Re: need help with burping techniques

    Thanks everyone, your ideas are much appreciated! Today we experimented with shorter nursing sessions, ie taking a break to burp, wait a bit, then continue. There seems to be quite a bit of milk for...
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    need help with burping techniques

    DS is now a 1 1/2 weeks old and nurses really well. He latched on great right after delivery! Our only problem is that he doesn't burp very well, and as a result ends up spitting up frequently.
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    Re: Lactation Station!

    Isn't it great? We have those facilities at my employer as well (a large financial services company). There is a private lactation room on each floor. It is inside one of the restrooms and you have...
  19. Re: Need some needed advice. FRUSTRATED!!

    When DS was nursing we'd go about 50-50 with nursing and bottle feeding expressed BM. I did that because I knew my maternity leave would only be 9 weeks and I wanted to make sure he was comfy with...
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    Re: Pumping hands free

    I used to do something similar to stewartjr. I pumped for 6 months after returning to work, and was lucky that our company has a private lactation room on each floor for the mamas. Although there was...
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    Re: won't take morning bottle

    Can Grandma try putting one of your shirts over her chest while feeding baby? Sounds like the bottle and nipple style must be ok since baby will take that from Daddy.
  22. Re: I don't want to go back to work - but we can't afford it! HELP!

    I think it's great that you are examining all of your choices. Good for you! The transition back to work is an extremely emotional time, but it can be done. It sounds like you have a pump that you...
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    Re: When to intro bottle

    Mine isn't a popular idea amongst lactivists, but I needed emergency surgery 3 days after delivery to stitch a torn cervix. While I was under anesthesia, Evan became hungry and they asked my husband...
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    Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    Not sure what type of place you work in, but is there by chance an office manager or other "office" type person who might let you borrow their office for 20 minutes a couple of times during your...
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    Re: used pump affect production?

    I haven't heard of friends having trouble with used pumps, especially if you have replacement parts and the air hoses and all are in good shape. Have you been back at work for a while? Your body...
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