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    Re: Cleaning Pump Parts

    I rinse the parts with hot water and dry them with paper towel. I use it
    3x/day and then put it in the dishwasher at night.
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    Re: Directly to pumping?

    I agree with the other mamas that directly breastfeeding baby is the best way to go. Babies are more efficient in emptying breast than the best pumps out there. And in order for your breasts to to...
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    Re: What is fenugreek? (sp?)

    Has anyone here taken Fenugreek for more than 4 weeks? I have been taking it for maybe 2-3 weeks. It wasn't doing anything to me because I still wasn't pumping enough so I kept taking it. I started...
  4. Temas: help!

    by matsamjobuz

    Re: help!

    LO is almost 8 months old and I have supply problems too. Recently I started pumping 4x/day. Once in the morning before I go to work, 3x at work and then BF in the afternoon and evening and then...
  5. Re: pumping challenges and fenugreek question

    Update...I have been pumping 3x a day at work- roughly every 3 hours. Then BF in the afternoon and evening and been co-sleeping - plus taking fenugreek daily. I think I notice an improvement. On...
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    Re: Is it just me, or...

    I produce more on the left than on the right. Somebody told me once that it's just a matter of which side is stimulated more.
  7. Re: pumping challenges and fenugreek question

    I am so encouraged by all your responses.

    I found this seldom used restroom that is big enough that I'm a good 4 feet from the toilet and there's a couple of chairs inside. So I started pumping...
  8. Re: Decline in supply at seven months?

    I work in an all male atmosphere. I don't have an office. The only office available is that of a manager and people go in and out of that office the whole day. My first 2 months back at work they...
  9. pumping challenges and fenugreek question

    I BF my LO exclusively for 3 months then I had to go back to work. Even then, I pumped at work and breastfed in the evening so she was still getting breastmilk all the way to 5 1/2 months. After...
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    Re: Will my Supply decrease if....

    I am in a similar situation. My daughter is almost 7 months old and I have been back to work for 4 months now. For a month after I went back I was able to pump twice a day. Now I don't get that...
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