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  1. Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    Thanks for asking :)

    It looks like you all were right and it was some really weird stomach bug! She hasn't thrown up the past two nights and she's nursing as much as usual. I'll feel more...
  2. Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    Well we didn't have any throw up last night and she nursed just as much. However, her stool has gotten worse and worse. Nothing like normal. Almost like tan water. Hoping that this is just the bug...
  3. Re: Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    No, she never throws up immediately after nursing. She just wakes up, whines, refuses to nurse then throws up.

    I plan on taking her to the pedi next month. Can't go until then. New job/new...
  4. Six weeks pregnant/nursing 26mo.

    I'm about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and still nursing my 26 month old. For the past week my 26 mo has been waking in the early morning hours and throwing up. I can tell when she wakes she is reluctant to...
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    Re: In desperate need of help!!!

    Of course you've already gotten wonderful advice but I'd also like to offer some hope and tell you not to ever think its too late. I EP'd for the first four months with my first DD because of nipple...
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    Re: Paci question

    Thanks for the responses! It has helped to put my feelings into perspective. I think you are right that perhaps my oald has yielded a bit but the flow is still too much for her to relax. I can tell...
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    Paci question

    Hi :hello

    I just introduced myself in the intro forum but thought I'd post my question here just in case others good benefit from the feedback :)

    I am currently nursing my second DD. She is...
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