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    Re: Watch out for grandmothers...

    My MIL tried to do the same thing....trying to pressure me to give DS "real food" so that he will get big like his brothers. DH and I had decided to delay solids with #3 because he was EBF and my...
  2. Re: pedia says I should give my 4 month old yogurt?!?

    I'm sure what ped wants you to do is to get healthy bacteria back into babys intestines hence the yogurt. Since you made mention of dairy allergy I would probably stay away from yogurt from cow's...
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    Re: question about weight

    I am so glad that I found this thread. Elijah was just at the ped last week and I got hell because at 6 months he is 27 inches long but only weighs 14.5 pounds and his weight is dropping on the...
  4. Re: My baby will only sleep on his belly please help....

    I am going to agree with everyone else. DS 2 and 3 both sleep on their bellies from day one. DS 2 is now 3 and that is still the only way he can fall asleep and ds 3 is 12 weeks old. Now that he has...
  5. Temas: Raisins

    by traceek

    Re: Raisins

    I think it all depends on your baby! If your little one attempts to mash things with his gums then, personally, I think raisins are fine. This is one of the things that were always on ds#1 and #2's...
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    Re: Why won't my 2mo old nap anymore?

    have you tried wearing him in a sling? When my DS (2 mos also) is having trouble napping or staying asleep when I know that he is really sleepy I pop him in a wrap and go about my business. He is...
  7. Re: Nursing from one breast for medical reasons

    I also had a problem with an abcess in my right breast with my first son four years ago. Though I didn't have to have surgery, I did go through many needle aspirations and I remember the pain. My...
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