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  1. Re: Lop sided and still feeding!

    been trying that with a small amount of sucess maybe i just need to be more patient. thank you so much!
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    Re: embarrassing question

    it seems normal... my daughter continually tries to play with the other breast while feeding... just seems to comfort her.
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    Re: Seriously lopsided???

    so has it evened up for you?
  4. Re: Lost it at ped's office, totally upset & need support

    My daughter is 14m old and i still breast feed and not only at night though that is what we are aiming for... It is good for her to drink whole milk now but if she dont like the taste try some...
  5. Lop sided and still feeding!

    I have been feeding my daughter for 14 almost 15 months now and have done well so far with a few normal hurtals, but recently she has only wanted to feed from my left breast and that has caused a...
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