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    Re: Completely Desperate ... Thrush

    Hi! So sorry your dealing with thrush, I have never dealt with that while nursing but while pregnant with my second for the whole 9 months I dealth with vaginal yeast infections(I had NEVER in my...
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    Re: Not lactating yet and I'm 35 weeks

    I leaked with my first but not with my second and I am producing more milk with my second! I wouldn't worry, you don't have to be leaking right now to produce! I also drank red raspberry leaf tea...
  3. Re: 7 week old, gassy, OALD, clicking, etc

    Lol mommal no you didn't come off that way. It is ok!! Thanks for the tips, and no haven't been keeping her upright after feedings(I guess with a 3 year old around too I rush a lot and lay baby down...
  4. Re: 7 week old, gassy, OALD, clicking, etc

    Thanks for your reply :-)
    I know all babies can be fussy/gassy, with my firstborn she was very fussy and some gas, but not as bas as my second one(the one I am currently talking about). Maybe it is...
  5. 7 week old, gassy, OALD, clicking, etc

    I am new to the forum and have a 7 week old beautiful daughter, at first breastfeeding was going well(first 2 weeks) and at week 3 she started making a clicking noise while nursing. She would...
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