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    Re: I got my period - I am devastated!!

    Hi all! I'm glad i read this thread today....because I think I started my period today. My daughter is 7 weeks old, but it feels as though i just stopped bleeding from giving birth and now my period....
  2. Re: Hind milk, fore milk, how to pump seperately.

    Thank ya'll for replying...I'll swirl for now on.

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    Re: best disposable breasts pads

    Hello Moms....I had to laugh at the ladies who hated the J&J and the Gerber breast pads. I love the Lansinoh pads, but ran out when I was out of town and had to buy Gerber ones (the store I went to...
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    Re: final blow on my supply...

    Dear ForeverHomeless:

    You mentioned you have a cheap breat pump. I have an idea, here in Atlanta, one can rent a breast pump from the hosppital (cheaply) and it is a good, high powered one. Or...
  5. Re: Hind milk, fore milk, how to pump seperately.

    Hello! I'm new here. Question? When I give my daughter a bottle of my milk, I take the milk out of the fridge and shake it so that the separtion of fat gets mixed in to the milk. Should I do this? Or...
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