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  1. Re: Being discouraged from BLS for my preemie from PT/OT

    I'm not dismissing the OT's advice completely - I simply think some of it is a bit over the top...like comparing swallowing a golf ball and a tiny piece of banana.

    We've started letting her have...
  2. Re: Being discouraged from BLS for my preemie from PT/OT

    Last night my DH let my DD play with some of the organic baby yogurt I bought for her the other day. She really seemed to enjoy it! He would give her just a tiny bit on a spoon...she would swallow...
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    Re: Blood in Milk

    I had blood in my milk from a milk duct that ruptured - an LC called it an intraductal papilloma. I didn't know anything was wrong, and it didn't hurt at all - then my LO spit up blood...lots of it....
  4. Re: Being discouraged from BLS for my preemie from PT/OT

    She is super interested in mealtime...she tries to grab stuff off my plate, tries to grab the plate itself...it's really kind of funny. She get so, so excited watching my DH and I eat. She meets...
  5. Being discouraged from BLS for my preemie from PT/OT

    Because of the ladies on this site, I was hoping to try BLS. I have let me LO try a small bit of banana and just a little taste of applesauce...she does not really seem interested in either, and I'm...
  6. Re: Pumping for Preemie (only .5 oz total/session)

    I wanted to add that I also had the mag - that stuff is awful!
  7. Re: Pumping for Preemie (only .5 oz total/session)

    Do not listen to the LC that told you that you can't BF your early baby!!!

    My LO was born at 30 weeks via emergency c-section due to HELLP Syndrome - basically severe PIH/Pre-E. I pumped for the...
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    Re: 6 month up 4-5 times a night!

    I would bet it has something to do with the move...maybe she will settle in a week or so? :shrug
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    Re: How Many Letdowns

    I can only get 2 on my left side and one on my right...
  10. Re: beastfeeding pillows? help or hype?

    The nurses in the NICU gave me a Boppy, which I thought I liked until I tried just a regular bed pillow - I think the regular pillow is much easier for us.
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    Re: Not really enjoying nursing...

    :ita I didn't enjoy it at first, either! I thought I was the worst mom ever...I would think "What did I do? I didn't sign up for this!!"

    And the lovely ladies on this site who said that it...
  12. Re: how difficult were the early weeks?


    The first 7 weeks of my LO's life were spent in the NICU...the next 8 weeks or so after that were our "learning curve" time. It was hard. I cried A LOT. My husband was (still is) my...
  13. Re: Summer and dehydration worries...


    No, I don't have a freezer stash :cry but I've been thinking of getting a pump in order to have one. I did have one a while ago, but I burned through it almost as soon as my LO came home...
  14. Summer and dehydration worries...

    It's been very hot and humid here for the last few days...and it doesn't seem like my LO is nursing as well. She has been very crabby (so I am now, too! :lol).

    I have been drinking a TON of...
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    Re: is it suppose to be this hard?

    :ita This still happens sometimes, but not nearly as much as it used to. My LO is 6 months, and things are so much better than when she first came home. The first 2 or 3 months were horrifyingly...
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    Re: Solids for her or wait?

    Thank you everyone. I don't know what I would do without this forum!

    Everyone I know with babies gave their kids formula only, and not because of problems, they just didn't want to bf...and...
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    Re: Manual pump?

    Thank you, everyone :)

    I have a hard time with pumping - I did it for 7 weeks while my DD was in the NICU, plus during her first few weeks at home. I rented a Medela Symphony from the hospital,...
  18. Re: Worried about getting to exclusively breast feeding

    My DD was born at 30 weeks and in the NICU for 7 weeks. During that time, she was fed fluids from an IV, then EBM through an NG tube, then EBM with fortifier in a bottle and "topped off" through the...
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    Manual pump?

    My LO, who does get some formula supplement (which I hate but can't help, long story, have posted about this before...) has very recently started taking a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoons and sleeping...
  20. Re: at the end of my rope, please help!


    My LO just started taking a 4 hour nap during the afternoon. If for any reason this nap is disturbed, she sleeps very poorly at night. Until I read the No Cry book, I thought that if she...
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    Re: Solids for her or wait?

    OMG! I don't mind her not going very often, but when we get to 8 days + then I start to worry...like now.
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    Re: Solids for her or wait?

    Her pedi doesn't seem concerned about her iron levels...the supplemental formula she eats has iron in it, and before I burned through my freezer stash, we added Poly Vi Sol with iron to the EBM...
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    Solids for her or wait?

    My LO is 6.5 months chronological, 4.5 months adjusted. At her 6 month pedi appt, her doctor (who is BF friendly, cosleeping friendly, and spreads out her vaccines, etc) said to start her on rice...
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    Re: Car travel & breastfeeding

    :o Ummmm, OK, maybe I'm being dumb, but how in the world do you manage to BF while the baby is still in the carseat?! Maybe you girls are, ummmm, more well endowed than I am (just a "B" - I wasn't...
  25. Re: To STTN (sleep through the night) HOW?

    In the No Cry book, there's a section on BF and co-sleeping and how to get baby to sleep longer while continuing to nurse and co-sleep. I can't remember what that part said specifically, though, as...
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