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    4 month old - Bottle Refusal

    HELP HELP!!! My 4 month is having bottle refusal again!!! He started 2 weeks refusing to take the playtex nurser that he was doing semi ok with since then we had him on MAM bottle, today he refused...
  2. Bottle Strike - Is He Getting Enough Ebm

    OK....SO TODAY IS MY 2ND OFFICIAL DAY BACK AT WORK, AND MY BABY IS HAVING A VERY DIFFICULT TIME ACCEPTING THE BOTTLE. My baby is 2 months and 3 weeks old and has been exlusive breastfreed. I intro...
  3. Returning to work in 1 week - bottle refusal

    Hello my little one is almost 3 months and I am returning to work in 1 week, he is on a bottle strike, I bought every bottle in the store to try to see what he liked best and nothing seems to work....
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    I am getting Anesthesia - what to do?

    My baby is 2 months old and I am having my tubes tied (eesure procedure)next week. I am getting LMAC Anesthesia and was advised by the anestigioligist to not nurse for 24-48hrs (she suggested 24hrs...
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    1 month old - GAS Problems

    My son is 1 month today and for the last several days I have noticed he is having trouble with gas? It is hard for him to let out his burps. I noticed that when his gas is stuck, he is very fuzzy...
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    About to Nurse again - I have some ??'s

    Hello...I am going to be a 2nd time working b'fedding mom, any minute now!!! I am very excited as my experience the last time was WONDERFUL!!! My son who is now 3yrs old, breast feed until 2.5 yrs...
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