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  1. Re: Transition to cup - how should it work?

    DCP was *supposedly* doing paced feeding, but somewhere around 9-10 months she started letting baby hold the bottle herself. I suppose the comfort sucking thing is plausible; she certainly does it...
  2. Transition to cup - how should it work?

    I'm having such a hard time with this whole transitioning to a cup thing... I couldn't find a lot of answers searching the forum, so thought I'd post a new thread.

    My daughter is 13 months old....
  3. Re: Is baby being overfed at daycare? And what to do about i

    Absolutely, and I hope I didn't imply otherwise! I guess the point I was trying to make was that if he were being held, it's not likely they would let a feeding go on for an hour. I doubt most DCPs...
  4. Re: Is baby being overfed at daycare? And what to do about i

    Nothing I've ever read differentiates between babies sleeping through the night and those who don't... but since those are just average amounts, I'd suppose it's possible that your baby might need...
  5. Re: Is baby being overfed at daycare? And what to do about i

    Based on everything I've read, they typically take 1-1.5 oz. for every hour apart. So based solely on the math, it's possible he's being overfed by around 4-8 oz. per day (he would take, on average,...
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    Re: Wondering

    I'm pumping to provide breastmilk for my daughter while she's at day care... I wasn't able to find a day care close enough for me to take breaks to go nurse. I came back to work the day she turned 12...
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    Re: How much expressed milk per bottle?

    I would think that whether you're EP or not, the idea is the same - you feed when baby wants to eat, and as much as they want to eat. Most babies eat an average of 25 oz. per day; if you're feeding...
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    Re: Vitamin D?

    I've been giving vit D drops since about 6 weeks, I think... I use Baby DDrops, which have the 400iu recommended in a single drop rather than having to give a whole 1mL dose. I put a drop on my...
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    Re: No poop in 5 days?

    So, it's normal for an ebf baby to suddenly change elimination patterns? If so, you all have just made my day... my 16 week old went 24 hours without a BM, which is SO NOT NORMAL for her. We're...
  10. Re: 4 mo old baby replaced with overtired raccoon. PLS ADVIS

    Can I just add that everything you are describing sounds exactly like the 14-16 week developmental leap in The Wonder Weeks? I've been reading ahead to see when the next one occurs for us... my lo...
  11. Re: Not sure what to do re: day care feedings (rant)

    Just as an update, I talked to the DCP this morning at drop off, and explained my preference that my daughter be fed more frequently - she was fine with it. She asked how baby did last night after I...
  12. Not sure what to do re: day care feedings (rant)

    This is my 12 week old daughter's first week in day care, and my first week back at work from maternity leave. When I took her Monday, I took 3 - 3 oz. bottles and a 1 oz. topper; DCP fed her 3...
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    Re: State regulations not up to par :(

    Only quoting one poster, but you all pretty much said the same things :) I'm going to bring this up to the LLLI group local to me at the next meeting... and when I went back to pick up my little this...
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    State regulations not up to par :(

    I'm curious... what would you do?

    I did all this research about how to best store/handle my breast milk to send to day care, only to find out that state regulations don't support my plans at all. ...
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