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    Re: Graceful Weaning

    I really didn't know how to go about weaning or when it would happen, but it always seemed so far away. Once he turned one and got older, it all became extremely easy so the fact that he's 2 and...
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    Graceful Weaning

    Whenever I thought about how weaning my LO would go, I always pictured tears and lots of negotiating. My LO turned 2 in June and was still nursing 2x/day. After some nap time struggles, we took his...
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    Re: Pressure to Stop Nursing

    A lot of my husband's friends have been mentioning to him that their kids are always getting sick. My husband tells them that our LO has only been sick once and it's most likely because he's still...
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    Re: bad situation at work

    I think people walking in on you violated your privacy and the law. We have a curtain in the women's lounge where we pump, I did not feel comfortable having people coming in so I would lock the main...
  5. Re: Haven't found the right pediatrician


    Your ped sounds ideal!! I really like the office that we go to so I'm going to schedule an appointment with one of the female docs there and see if she is a better fit for us.
  6. Re: Haven't found the right pediatrician

    I've gotten the CIO speech twice. I figure that they should keep up with their field of practice and not just be complacent with what they learned in school. The last doc said he was ok with me...
  7. Haven't found the right pediatrician yet

    We took DS for his 15 month check-up today and had an appointment with a different doc than before (on purpose). I haven't really liked the previous two doctors mainly because I don't like their CIO...
  8. Re: I'm tired but don't want to quit

    My son wakes up all the time to nurse and it's exhausting. Mine is 14 months so I'm hoping that once his molars break through, I can work with him to sleep longer stretches. If they let their babies...
  9. Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?

    I leak whenever one side has a let-down so I typically wear pads all the time. I used to buy the disposable kind and I found them to be less discreat than the washable ones I have now. I would...
  10. Re: I found a great way to clean pump parts and bottles!

    I LOVE vinegar! It's cheap and I don't have to worry about spraying it around DS.
  11. Re: "He has 8 teeth, isn't he biting you, mom?" DS Ped

    I feel the same way about docs. They seem to think that just because they're doctors ALL of their OPINIONS are facts. I
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    Re: What Age?

    Around the time he turned 1 mostly from MIL. One of her daughters nursed for several years so I guess I find it weird that she still doesn't understand the benefits. She's always trying natural...
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    Re: Nursing to Sleep

    I know what you mean. My DH can put him to sleep by rocking him, but it takes much longer an DS seems to prefer nursing so I do it most of the time. I think I would feel better if I knew I had...
  14. Re: help! goin back to work to tuff job

    Would pumping while you drive be an option?
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    Re: HELP! Sanitizing my breasts?!

    I would use vinager or breastmilk.
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    Re: Anyone else nursing a gymnast?

    I am!! Sometimes I feel like his goal is to nurse on his head...why, I don't know. He'll also pick his foot up and hold it to his cheek and caress it...we both bust out laughing. I start playing...
  17. Re: Almost to one, thanks to my husband?

    Yay to your family!!! I give my hubby credit too. He encouraged me without making me feel more pressure, which can be hard to do, especially with all those hormones going ever which way!
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    Re: BF Milestone

    :clap way to stick with it!!!
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    My sweet little boy is one!

    We had a rough start, but we managed to figure things out before my bits fells off:yikes. Making it to six weeks seemed like a cruel joke so making it to one and beyond is unbelievable! Yay...
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    Re: Jury Duty

    So stressfull!! I was recently summoned and I sent an email saying it was no problem, but I would need a place other than a bathroom to pump every 3 hours for about 30 minutes. They replied saying...
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    Re: We made it! 1 year....

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    I'm so sorry mama, I feel your pain. I had severe trauma for the first 3 weeks. Do you try to adjust your LO's latch once you're nursing? My LO wouldn't open wide enough and I would flange out his...
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    Re: sleep schedule

    My DS naps the same way. Up until recently we just went with it, but it's tough to get anything done during those short naps. I spoke to a midwife who advised me to do the following. Note what...
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    Re: Do you tell coworkers?

    I tell them when they ask. I have a backpack PIS so that draws their curiosity. Some are totally cool with it and others can't runaway fast enough while changing to various shades of red. I must...
  25. Re: MIL (caregiver) wants more milk for LO

    I pumped my little heart out to get that much milk, luckily I only work a couple days per week. Since I wasn't around, I can't say he was just taking the bottle for comfort. He has never been a...
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