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  1. Stabbing Breast Pain after Nursing 13 mo. old

    Two nights ago, after nursing my 13 month old, I experienced stabbing pains in the breast she nursed off of. The pains lasted two hours! I would get two or three very sharp pains every minute or so...
  2. Re: 3 month old Repeatedly Pulling Off

    Yes, idksmom! Our situations are very similar! I noticed while reading through the posts that there are several babies who have gone through something similar right around the same age. Funny, huh?...
  3. Re: 3 month old Repeatedly Pulling Off

    She feeds at least 6 times per day. Maybe 9. Before this all started I would have said at least 9 times per day.

    I have tried rocking her while nursing and she won't have it. If she is already...
  4. Re: 3 month old Repeatedly Pulling Off

    The crying is not predominantly in the evenings. Yes, last night she was fussy in the evening, but this morning she was fussy as well. The Moby wrap and swing work sometimes, but not often.
    As far...
  5. 3 month old Repeatedly Pulling Off

    I have seen some similar posts, but wanted to tell my particular story in the hopes I will find an answer! (I am sorry this is so long)

    My now-13 week old has always nursed very well. She has...
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