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    Re: Passing Down Bad Habits

    Why can't you bf in another room?

    I don't know too much about it but from what the others describe, it sounds inappropriate for a small child. They may be able to understand what they see but...
  2. So, if the baby is more efficient than the pump....question...

    Ok, I can pump about 4 oz total in about 5 min. using a double pump.
    My LO (5 months old) only eats for about 5 min on each side.

    My LC said that a baby can get 40% more milk than the pump can...
  3. Re: Which is yields more milk - Longer or more often?

    I get the same amount whether I pump twice a day or wait til the end of the day. But I worry about only pumping once, so I usually pump twice.
  4. Re: Closest bottle to BF latch?? tried Breastflow nipple collapsed?

    I use Medela bottles with the Medela slow flow nipple, after trying a few bottles with little success.

    I HATED the breastflow bottle - so much work and the darn thing leaked if it wasn't perfect.
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    Re: about to throw in the breast (help)

    Honestly, it sounds like you're doing great!!!! Congrats! Don't give up - you're on track...its almost never 100% bump-free!
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    Re: Gave UP BF

    I agree with some of the pp's - I have heard every excuse from other moms when I tell them I'm breastfeeding. Not once have I heard "I didn't want to do it" but I've heard tons of "I didn't have...
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    Re: Very close to giving in!!

    Just wanted to offer some support...the advice given is all right on! I would venture to guess that no woman started breastfeeding with 0 problems. So just know that this too, shall pass, I promise! ...
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    Re: Is the damage already done?

    She's a perfectly happy baby in every other respect, and does all the normal stuff for her age, she's just long and lean. She hasn't dropped off the curve but she's close.
    By the time her next appt...
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    Re: Homemade rice cereal/oatmeal

    Try this website

    I think under the baby cereal section they address this...
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    Is the damage already done?

    I was wondering - once you start a solid once, is the intestinal "damage" done? I gave my 4 1/2 mo. DD some mashed banana 2x (as per the advice of the "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" book.
    Then, at...
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    Re: 4 month - weight check?

    My DD just went in for her 4 mo appt today (she's actually 4.5 mo old) and she weighs 11lb, 2.5 oz. At birth she was 6 lb, 12 oz.

    I was worried but the dr. was ok with it, he said as long as...
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    Re: When will HE recognize the signs?

    My DD is 4 1/2 months and she is a stinker when it comes to eating time! She also goes from happy to po'd in a split second. I have really had to be ready to pop in the boob very quickly.
    She is a...
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    Re: First time mom going crazy...

    I don't have much advice since my LO does the same kind of thing but just wanted to say...

    A birth is a birth no matter how it happens. Don't feel bad!
  14. Re: Should I let my baby cry to get him on a Schedule?

    Couple things...
    I would get rid of the formula feedings. You don't need it and if you keep breastfeeding, your supply will keep up with his demands. But if you supplement with formula, your body...
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    Re: Can't keep up

    Maybe don't ask them to go cold-turkey - ok, so now he takes a 6.5 oz bottle. Next time, ask them to give him a 5 oz bottle and see how that works. Then a 4 oz.

    That's how my friend night-weaned...
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    Re: HELP!!!! I need help now!

    I can't offer too much advice but this is what i found on kellymom for encouraging letdown when your LO isn't around, but I'm sure it will help when your LO is trying to get milk:
    Apply a warm wet...
  17. I quit block feeding because I can't sleep! buuutt...now we're back to screaming...

    I started block feeding because I have OALD and an oversupply. However, after about 2 weeks of that, I was exhausted because my DD (4 mo. old) wasn't getting a full feeding and I was up every 1.5 hrs...
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    Re: I had to feed her formula:(

    do you know for sure that you dont have enough? I have an overactive supply and i was sure I had an undersupply because my LO pulls off crying after about 5 min. Now I realize its because I have an...
  19. Offering banana to 4 month old to tide her over....

    My 4 month old is eating more during the day while I work than I'm afraid I can pump. Right now I can pump enough but some days I have to dig into my "stash". Anyway, I read on this website that the...
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    Re: I can't pump enough milk

    Wow! Guess he is a good eater! An hour! I hope you enjoy TV or something...what do you do for an hour?

    Sorry I can't be more help....but check out this article......
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    Re: I can't pump enough milk

    I would pump more times than your child is eating... for example, my LO (also 4 months old) only takes 1 5 oz bottle during the day (she likes to eat with me when I"m home) so I pump 2-3 times/day,...
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    Re: Working and Breastfeeding possible?

    I work full time and I pump 2 times/day and get about 3-4 oz each time. My LO usually only takes 1 bottle while I'm gone - and will sometimes drink the whole bottle! I thought I was doing a good...
  23. Re: 3mo-old still eating every two hours...?

    My LO is almost 4 months old and she pretty much does the same thing... since I've been back to work, she only takes 1-2 bottles during the day.

    I pump 3x/day at work, once in mid-morning, once at...
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    Re: How do I get started?

    I read somewhere to pump about an hour after your LO eats. Thats what I did to build up a little stash before going back to work. Now I hardly pump at home, because my LO eats so much I don't have...
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    Re: Still nursing every 2 hours

    Argh. My 4 mo. old has started doing the same thing. 2 hrs like clockwork!

    However I think mine does it because I work full time and while I'm gone she only will take 1 bottle and pretty much...
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