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  1. Re: Pumped ounces for 6 week old?

    I LOVE the advice the above pp gave. I was actually going to say all of the same thing, especially that a PUMP in NO way indicates what a baby is getting from the breast. I never could pump but my dd...
  2. Re: a weekend away - so tempting

    I wouldn't wean either. I'm having these same issues with my 21 month old. I'd love to go away in October she'll be 26 months then and HOPEFULLY still nursing. She's a distracted nurser though, if...
  3. Re: Calling all Moms with SMALLER babies!

    Hi, I'll have to get the baby book but my dd is VERY small too and she's VERY VERY healthy. I would DEF. keep up the bfing. Kaytlynn is now at 21 months old 20 lbs but she JUST got there. She was...
  4. Re: I feel like a horrible mother...

    I didn't know about not eating pb either until WAYYY after my dd's birth. I'm sorry this has happend but it's SOO not your fault. Hang in there. You are doing what's BEST for you and your baby!!
  5. Re: Please Help! Toddler refusing left side, and pregnant again!

    My dd also refuses the left side now. I've had about the SAME experience as you. I personally wouldn't worry about it. Your milk will come in again on both sides as it did the first time. I would...
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    Re: It is finished

    I just wanted to say hang in there. It is REALLY hard to think of losing this time with them. At around 17-18 months my dd went through a small stage of not wanting to nurse, but she is still going...
  7. Re: 17 mo old hasn't gained any weight in 6 mos

    Hey, I just wanted to say my dd is like that too. She is now 19 months going on 20 months and hasn't gained ANY weight in the past 4-5 months. She weighs about 19.2 lbs. She's VERY VERY active always...
  8. Re: I'm not producing enough anymore =(

    What makes you think you aren't producing enough? You don't sound like a horrible mom you sound great and like you want to do what's best.

    As for pumping during the night: That shouldn't really...
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    Re: Not gaining weight

    I just wanted to say that my little one is also Small she is only 19lbs at 18 months. She did the same thing as Logans baby. She weighed the same at her 6, 9, and 12 month appts. I'm not worried...
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    Re: Very slow weight gain

    My dd was/is a SLOW gainer too. I HAVE never supplemented and wouldn't again in the same situation. Your dd looks much like mine as far as weight gains. There were like three appts for us that she...
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    Re: Short feeds

    I'm sure you're making PLENTY, he's probably waiting on your letdown. Using bottles will only encourage him to want it quicker, they don't have to work for a letdown from a bottle KWIM? I would work...
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    Re: 10 month & bf/solids

    I def. wouldn't cut my nursing sessions back, BAD idea in my opinion. I held off most solids until one year for my dd. She had one or two jars a week up until then but not everyday. She's fine. As...
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    Re: How many feeds?

    Yep I too agree with all of the above. I know it's hard but hang in there, he will slow down. Congrats on your new little boy!!
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    Re: cracked nipples

    Sorry I have nothing for you accept a ((hug)). I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hang in there it WILL go away in time! WTG
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    Re: eating every 3 to 4 hours?

    My dd was like that too. She didn't nurse as often as everyone elses babies and espeically not as LONG as everyone elses. Now at 17 months she's still going strong. Sounds like you're doing AWESOME,...
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    Re: Mastitis

    Yeah that's what I was going to say. Nurse as OFTEN as possible on that side. Even if you have to nurse two sessions in a row on it. Make sure it's getting emptied out. ((hugs)) it does suck...
  17. Re: New here. Doc says maybe take baby off breast!

    Yeah I wouldn't stop nursing but I would stop the dairy in MY diet. My ped. told me that the other day. She said that at 17months Kaytlynn could JUST now be developing an allergy to MILkand that i...
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    Re: really want to breastfeed

    Hang in there. DEf. talk to an LC or someone to help you with the latch. I hurt REALLY bad too for the first couple of weeks with a good latch. Rmemeber it will work as long as you keep at it and get...
  19. Re: Period but no period??? I know sounds crazy...

    Yep me too. I had that happen for a couple of months before getting my period. Now I've had it about 4 times in 17 months, (YAYYY) and all the months I didn't have it I SWORE she was coming with all...
  20. Re: Inlaws and what's best for my DD

    I think many of our ILs just think that their way was the RIGHT way. I had to CONSTANTLY tell my MIL that I would not be giving dd any cereal in her bottle. She would tell me from about two WEEKS on...
  21. Re: crazy idea, but could it work??

    I agree that she just might be SMALL. My dd is now 17 months old and JUST hit 19.4 lbs one week ago. Shes a VERY small baby and ate like you're saying that your dd eats. She would go long times...
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    Re: Where is the milk?

    Just thought I'd add that you could be getting your AF. When I got mine my dd would act just like your saying. I couldn't get a let down and she would be sooo fussy. After lots of reading I have...
  23. Re: Nursing strike over 1 month already.. Help!!

    Awe, I'm sorry you're dealing with this, it does make it EXTRA tuff. A stuffy nose really can make them not want to eat. I dealt with this a lot when dd was just a couple of months old. The bath...
  24. Re: constant (and i mean *constant*) suckling

    Just wanted to congratulate you too. I think you're doing great. I didn't start the cosleeping thing for many reasons, so I didn't have to break that habit. (Not that I think it's wrong, I just...
  25. Re: 3 week old went 8 hours between feedings

    Yeah that's what I was going to say. I fed Kaytlynn about every two to three hours during the night and there were a few nights by week 3 and 4 that she would sleep all night. Now, I'm not thinking...
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