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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    I would keep doing what you're doing.

    My son is 10 months old in a couple of days and i breatfeed him to sleep (or sometimes my hubby will give him a bottle if he won't settle for me). He wakes...
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    Re: Creepy crawlies??

    I had the same kind of feeling early on when my little guy was about 3 months old....i just prefered one side over the other because I hated that 'creepy crawly' feeling.
    Turns out it was thrush!...
  3. Re: Travelling without 11 month old -- milk dilemma

    My suggestion would be to supplement with formula as cow's milk is very hard for babies under a year to digest...can also cause lesions in the bowels in some cases (at least this is what my Dr. told...
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