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    Re: Ready to tear my hair out

    Hi there--I can totally relate to this because I am a 34L :yikes and thought my breasts might crush my little baby every time I would try to latch him on! In the early days, the football hold seemed...
  2. Re: help diagnose bfing situation. low supply? low milk rate? other?

    May I ask how old your LO is? I wasn't sure from reading your post...

    It's really normal for them to go through phases like this at different ages, like when they become "aware" at around 3-4...
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    Re: Failure to Thrive??

    Hi There!

    My youngest brother has some big malabsorption problems, and the symptoms (from what I remember) where basically the same as your baby's. It sounds like you need to see a...
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    Re: new baby and "lipstick" nipple

    Congrats on the new baby! Sounds like it was a nice birth for you.

    I don't have any suggestions for you, because my son did the same thing to my nipple for the first month or so. I also pumped...
  5. Re: 10 week old's inconsistent eating pattern leaves me engorged.

    My son had a nursing pattern like that when he was small as well--I agree that you might need to put the bottles away for a week or two just to get everything regulated between the two of you. It...
  6. Re: 4 month old not talking anymore

    I agree with the other ladies...no need to worry about your LO just yet. Babies go through phases--for a while, all my son would do was make "dinosaur" noise--roar loudly! Now he's saying a few...
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    Re: Self weaning, already?

    At 3.5 months old, a baby isn't ready to wean. Weaning happens when the baby's nutritional and emotional needs are met completely by things other than breastfeeding. It sounds like your baby is...
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    Re: Sex & BF...?!?!

    Blah, I had two small stitches for a tear on the inside...and even now (9 months out) sex isn't what it used to be. I'm always a tad sore afterward, even though while it's happening I don't seem to...
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    Re: breastfeeding during mastitis

    Hi There-

    I've had two cases of mastitis, and let me tell you...not pleasant! The right breast is the one that had the mastitis, correct? And now your DD is not latching onto this side? I...
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