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  1. Re: Has anyone had sucess with giving formula to BF baby who doesn't like it?

    I know exactly what you are going through. I have a similar story with my 13 month old. She refuses ebm or formula (or water or juice) out of any type of cup/bottle etc. Doesn't nurse much during the...
  2. Re: still won't use bottle or sippy cup at 13 months

    thanks for the suggestion- will give soy milk a try.
  3. still won't use bottle or sippy cup at 13 months

    I have been exclusively b/f my 13 month old daughter since birth. She began daycare 6 months ago (just a couple of days a week), I still have had no success in getting her to use a cup of any...
  4. Re: UK - Channel Four's 'Extraordinary Breastfeeding'

    I also thought the program had been done quite tastefully. Having read the write-ups for it in TV guide/mags I was expecting it to portray a more negative image of breastfeeding- but as you say, even...
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    Re: Advice needed re: EBF past 12 months

    Out of interest- will your baby take expressed breastmilk of a spoon??
    My daughter was also very reluctant to try solids, so I began with just EBM from spoon- v. slowly thickening it with baby rice,...
  6. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    My one (in a week) year old daughter Sian likes to stroke the left "boo-boo" lovingly,when nursing on the right and vice versa. She has also recently began to occasionally "bite"... she now gives...
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