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    Re: decreased milk intake?

    hi, I offer frequently but he rejects it at times. I then offer solids and he eats it up readily. I wont do dream feeding as I was "going to lose it" a month ago when he was waking 5-6 times a night....
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    decreased milk intake?

    my 5.5 mo old son (who is just over 18 lbs) seems to have decreased his breastmilk intake (EBF). I started solids 1 mo ago b/c he seemed hungry and it helped w/ sleeping (through) at night. He eats...
  3. Re: co-sleeping to crib transition?

    thanks for the responses...
    interestingly I have both books "kiss me" and "my child wont eat"...my older child is probably one of the worst eaters!
    but back to my baby...yeah last night was pretty...
  4. Re: co-sleeping to crib transition?

    oh and also I fear that since we are co-sleeping I wake him up more and nurse him more...or that he is just moving around a bit and then as a result I wake up and then I feed him. whereas I am...
  5. Re: co-sleeping to crib transition?

    hi there, thanks for the input. I guess my major concern is:
    ***does it get harder to transition your baby out of your bed the older they get?**
    last night was a good night...he only woke up...
  6. co-sleeping to crib transition?

    EBF 3.5 mo old son. he is doing well.
    we currently co-sleep and it was going well, however, lately he is nursing more...but not nursing more productively during the night. i.e. he will only...
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    Re: lecithin GRANULES dose

    thank you!
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    lecithin GRANULES dose

    blocked milk duct, trying Lecithin
    its in granule form (company "now real foods" ) and was wondering the dose?
    I know its 1200 mg three times a day (of capsules)

    1.5 tablespoons of the...
  9. Re: defrosted milk: can refreeze?

    thank you!
  10. defrosted milk: can refreeze?

    quick tech Q:
    if I defrost my Breast milk (from freezer) do I have to use it up (kept now in fridge) w/in a certain amt of time (6 days) or can I re-freeze it (doubt it)
  11. Re: The need to chat with other moms : understanding your ba

    I just read the original post and I feed my son (and actually all my babies) before they showed any hunger cues. basically the pattern was: nap, wake up, feed, burp, poop, change diaper, play, nap. I...
  12. not eatting much in the morning

    my 2 mo old son is EBF and all is well....he's gaining, etc

    we co-sleep and his pattern is:
    bedtime (7:30pm) cluster feeds for 1 hr (all other nursings are approx. 5 min; one side only;...
  13. Re: formula for better sleep?

    thanks for the advice ladies!
  14. formula for better sleep?

    I'm EBF my second child now (he's 6 weeks) and its going so well! However, when I complain that my son wakes me up at night and I'm tired (all normal things), my husband recommends I use formula at...
  15. Re: crying and pulling off the breast

    oh, one more thing--when does the milk production like this slow down then? in a few weeks?
  16. Re: crying and pulling off the breast

    thanks for the suggestions + the reassurance. I do let it spray into a towel. More frequently--well...he wont take it if I try more frequently unfort. any other tips? thanks!
  17. crying and pulling off the breast

    BFE and going wonderfully except recently...

    my 6 week old son started to fuss at the breast. He gets one side each feeding. He doesn't want the other side and I think I had overproduction...
  18. Re: night nursing: any tips to decrease the frequency?

    yeah, that sounds like a plan. That's what I did w/ my first born--I would be sleeping while she was nursing. the only thing is at the moment he cant latch while we're both lying down (even tho' he...
  19. night nursing: any tips to decrease the frequency?

    I have a beautiful baby boy who is exclusively being BF. (my first born was EBF until 1 year so I'm anticipating the same thing)
    he was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth and gaining well--he is now 10 lbs...
  20. Re: one year old w/ diminished appetite

    hi ladies,
    thank you for your responses. I will research that book you offered above. I just had my daughter in for her yearly check up (12 mo) and my pediatrician wasn't too concerned either. She...
  21. Re: one year old w/ diminished appetite

    thanks for the replies ladies!
    the other dilemma is that she doesn't feed herself...for some reason she wants me to feed her. I keep trying to encourage her to place food in her mouth but after the...
  22. one year old w/ diminished appetite

    my daughter is 12.5 mo and has started solids at 6 mo. initially she had a good appetite for solids (pureed) but recently (last mo) her appetite seems to have diminished. She is drinking homo...
  23. 12 month old: weaning but doesn't like formula

    there is SO much different views on BM/Formula/COw's milk out there when baby reaches 12 mo...ahhh! :)

    exclusively BM for 1st 11 mo. intro formula about 2 wks ago. intro bottle w/ BM...
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    Re: which nursing to wean 1st?

    hi Ladies, thanks for the insight. I guess I was a little worried that if I eliminate another day session (to formula) she may increase her night-time feeding. But I guess I shouldn't stress that she...
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    which nursing to wean 1st?

    my daughter is 11.5 mo (boy how time flies!) and I wish to wean her...Please no judgement...it's a personal decision and I am so proud of myself that I've made it this far! My goal was to...
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