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  1. Re: Would you consider this normal poop?

    One time I had a lot of carrots one day and the next day my DS's poop was the color of a carrot!!! I think poop comes in a rainbow of colors, right now his is dark green because of an illness.
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    Re: Green Stool

    My DS has the green mucus stool. In the beginning it was a light almost neon green color and frothy which i am sure was due to my OALD and OS (getting to much foremilk) He also go very gassy and...
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    Re: So, I continue to block feed, right?

    What great advice. I was actually wondering the same thing because I am block feeding as well. Thanks!
  4. Re: Can someone please explain block feeding!

    Thank you so much. We are working on it but it's been difficult because he is fighting off a bug.
  5. Can someone please explain block feeding!

    I'm a little confused on the process of block feeding. It's says start out in 2-3 hour incraments...I'm not sure what that means....and then increase by a half hour if need. My DD eats every 2.5 to...
  6. OS, OALD, and bowel movements..needs some advice!

    I know that my babies poop should be yellow peanut butter like but for almost a month he has had like a green frothy like poop. Then just this past week he has gotten dark green mocusy poop, which I...
  7. Re: Not sure who to believe or what to do!

    Thank you ladies,
    I am co-sleeping with him. He sleeps in one of those co-sleeper beds because so many people have terrified me about SIDS but I really wanted to co-sleep. So it's a nice...
  8. Not sure who to believe or what to do!

    Hi everyone,
    I am having difficult with the on-demand and scheduled feedings. I want to do on-demand which I do for the most part "during the day" but I won't let my baby go past 3 hours without...
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