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  1. Re: Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    phi - makes sense now that I read it...going to formula wouldn't help if he won't take a bottle. LOL!

    Thank you for all your suggestions - just over thinking things and worrying about our trip in...
  2. Need help - talk me down off of the formula ledge...

    I need some help, I feel like I am about to jump off the ledge, into formula land. :cry

    My sweet baby boy is 8 months on July 4th. Our nursing relationship is outstanding, I mean, nearly...
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    Sleeping through the night..

    My sweet baby boy has begun to sleep through the night...well, from about 7:30pm to about 5am. He has generally been a pretty good sleeper, so I don't have anything to complain about. However, now...
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    Re: We have a tooth!!

    My baby boy is cutting his first two bottom teeth at 4 months and I am a little worried about biting. He likes to hold the nipple in between his lips and pull away....OUCH! Once we confirmed the...
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    Anxiety - Any options??

    I am not sure what to do, if there is anything. I am stressing to the max and taking deep breaths and relaxing just isn't cutting it. My 3 month old baby boy (3rd and final and first exclusively...
  6. Breastmilk freezing, storage and thawing

    First, I would like to say how amazing breastfeeding is. I am still just in awe of this whole process and my boy is almost 9 weeks!!

    I go back to work in about 3-4 weeks and I am wanting to make...
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