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  1. 5 months old, super cranky at night

    My five month old is a super good nurser and he's pretty huge! He's a little over 20 lbs so I know he has been getting enough milk. But this last week he has been nursing constantly at night at...
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    Re: how does your lo "ask"?

    Autumn has gotten into the habit of calling nursing "my ni-ni" and "my shirt!" She also comes up to me and points at my breast and tries to lift my shirt up. :lol
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    Pumping at work for 2 yr old

    Hi Everyone!
    I am usually a full time working mom but about 3 weeks ago, I was fired, but it's all good b/c it finally got me out of my terrible job and I found a way better one that starts in a...
  4. Re: Little gems of weaning wisdom...or not.

    Well, at least you seem amused by it rather than angry. It is frustrating though that one of the people who is supposed to have your child's best health interest in mind is sitting there telling you...
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    Re: OUCH! What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles.
    You may already be using it, but have you tried using some lanolin cream before pumping? It can get a little sticky but could prevent the chaffing...
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    It's Official!

    When I was pregnant, my goal was to breastfeed until Autumn was 6 months. After she was born, my goal was 12. She is now 13 months old and our breastfeeding relationship is going strong! So we are...
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    Re: BF is great, but my hair!.....

    LOL :p I was just posting about this last night!! YES! My hair is falling out like crazy! It's always been fine but not thin and receding like it is now! It's nice to know, in a way, that I'm not...
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    Re: Hair loss and BF...

    I have an 11 month old and my hair is STILL falling out! I don't noice it coming out in clumps or anything because it's always been pretty thin and fine to begin with, but my hair line has receded a...
  9. Re: How many mom's pump at work past one year?

    My DD is 10 months and I'm pumping 3X a day, but she doensn't usually drink all the milk I take to daycare with her. When she gets home though, she nurses a lot, like she had been waiting for me all...
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    Re: Constipated 9 month old

    Her nursing and wet diapers seem to be ok. She has been nursing a little less lately because her new teeth are really hurting her.
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    Constipated 9 month old

    My 9 month old DD is constipated for the first time. I read up on it a little and I'm still sort of puzzled. She doesn't like baby cereal, so it can't be that, but she has recently started eating...
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    Re: what am i doing wrong?

    The same thing happened to Autumn when she was about 4-6 weeks old too. She would act like she was really really hungry, then end up throwing it up. The doctor said that she could have a mild case of...
  13. Re: Baby not taking bottle at daycare--need advice.

    I'd like to thank everyone who gave me advice on this. :)
    It turns out that Autumn was develping an ear infection and that's why she didn't want her bottle at day care. She's starting to feel...
  14. Re: Baby not taking bottle at daycare--need advice.

    Thanks for the quick response Mami_Kathy! I have offerend her a sippy cup and she just sort of plays with it and hits it on things, so I don't think she's really ready to drink from it yet.
  15. Baby not taking bottle at daycare--need advice.

    My 9 month old daughter has been going to daycare since she was 12 weeks old, and just recently has pretty much stopped taking her bottle there. She has recently started eating some solids, so she...
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    Re: Pumping & back to work questions

    Hi, Sorry this took so long. Work got kind of busy for a few minutes...
    1. Yes, the amount does sometimes seem to fluctuate during the day. Sometimes I'll get less towards the end of the day or...
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    Re: Pumping & back to work questions

    Hi! I have been back to work for almost 7 months now and have been pumping everyday for my baby.
    1. I find that during an 8 hour shift, I pump 3 times a time. I get to work at 8:30, pump at...
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    My 8 1/2 month daugher has recently started biting me too. It hurts! Especially the first couple of times when I'm not expecting it.
    Yesterday, she went on a 10 hour nursing strike. Whenever I'd...
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    Re: Ah, breastmilk...

    Does Breast milk seriouly help pimples?? I though I'd tried everything but it looks like I have one more thing to try! Thanks for the tip! :D
    Breastmilk!! Amazing stuff!:p
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    Re: DCP has been microwaving BM

    Maybe I'm just a little vindictive and have trouble letting things go, but I would still be mad that she had her hubby warm the milk in the microwave. On one hand, yeah, it makes it easier. But...
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    Re: New Avent IQ pump?

    I have the AVent IQ pump and I love it!! :p I was using the Medela PIS before and it was to the point where I was only getting 8 ounces a day and rapidly going through my freezer supply. :(
    So, I...
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    Re: sleeping longer

    The same thing happened to us when Autumn was about 10 weeks old. She started sleeping longer during some nights-up to 6 hours. (although sometimes she still sleeps in intervals of 2:p )
    She's 7...
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    Re: warmed but never used

    I have, as well, fed my baby milk that had been warmed then refridgerated but never frozen. I was afraid to at first and I don't do it often, but BM IS pretty much liquid gold!! It should be...
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    Re: Loud

    Autumn used to do that ALL THE TIME!! My husband and I used to sleep in shifts because we were so sleep deprived and sometimes her squeaking would wake him up! It's funny you posted this question...
  25. Re: Co-sleeping and nursing laying down - HELP!

    While every baby is different, Autumn has used a paci since she was just a few weeks old and she is almost 7 months and doing just fine with nursing. She's 20 pounds too, so she's definitely getting...
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