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    new at pumping...

    My LO is 1 yr old and in a month, I will need to be away from her for 3 days for work. I've NEVER pumped before b/c I'm work from home, so I have some questions.

    She still nurses about 4 times...
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    Re: Is this normal?

    do you think cutting up her food (since she obviously doesn't chew well) will help the body get more nutrients out?
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    Is this normal?

    I've been feeding my 12 month old blueberries. I noticed that they come out whole in her poop. I think other solids she eats also come out whole, but I just can't tell. Is that normal?
  4. Temas: oranges...

    by cmp12345

    Re: oranges...

    Curious...why wait until after 12 months for citrus? I've given LO grapefruit (she's about 11 months), and so far, no problems.
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    Those who had an oversupply early on

    My LO is turning a year (can't believe it) in a few weeks, and although I noticed she has cut back on the amount of milk she consumes per feeding (shorter sessions), we are still bf'ding about 6-8...
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    Re: 11 months old not using sippy cup

    I'm having the same issue w/ my 10 mo -- no sippy, cup, bottle, or anything! Just the breast, but I'm starting to worry b/c after the first of the year, I'm going to have to be working away from...
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    Re: Growth Spurt at 9 Months???

    I've read there is a gs at 9 months...but my LO is 9.5 mo and I didn't notice a gs. so, yours must have gone through it.
  8. Re: sudden cramps and sensations while bf an older baby! why?

    well, no bf changes really...

    My initial thought was menstrual cramps too, but it's not back yet.

    only other possible thing is my LO is taking longer to bf (used to finish in 5 min, now is...
  9. sudden cramps and sensations while bf an older baby! why?

    I have a 9.5 mo and I still bf LO about 6-7 times per day. For the past few weeks, I've had these weird sensations and cramps (abdomen, lower back) while bf'ding. It's not only while during letdown...
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    Re: Sudden change in bowel habits??

    Sounds normal to me!

    My LO went from poop every feeding (up to 10-12 times a day!) as a newborn, to once every day (from 3-4 months), then once every 3-5 days at 5-6 months, and now at 9 months,...
  11. Re: Help!! Need Weaning Tips for 11.5 month old!

    Sorry to hijack, but I'm having the same problem with my 9 month old. She has never taken a bottle, sippy, or cup - just mommy. So, how did you get your LO weaned at 14 months? Did he just...
  12. Re: oald has returned and I have mastitis... How to handle?

    I think the poops are from the OALD, but it could also be dairy according to some. I ended up giving up dairy and blockfeeding at the same time, so I don't know which helped, but I didn't care to do...
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    Re: Eliminated oversupply but OALD remains

    Just a quick note to tell you what I do in church to bf w/ an OALD -- I use a nursing cover (also cause it's hard for me to nurse in a carrier - lazy to keep trying). My LO gets VERY distracted and...
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    Re: Lopsided?? oversupply

    I think you have to log on in order to see the "Too Much Milk" forum.
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    Re: Lopsided?? oversupply

    I agree with pp that if you have a lopsided oversupply, feed more often on the less full side than the oversupply side. That is, perhaps feeding twice on the less full side and once on the...
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    traveling for work w/o LO

    I have a few scheduled business trips when LO turns 1 yr. She is currently 8.5 months old right now and does not drink any expressed breast milk. She nurses from me 5-6 times per day b/c I work...
  17. Re: How did you wean when your LO hasn't ever drank ebm from a cup or bottle?

    OK, so it sounds like just continue to introduce liquids in a sippy cup and one day she may magically take from it.

    The problem is, I can't imagine her going down to 1-2 feedings per day b/c...
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    Re: Teething and no bfing

    My 8.5 month old has 2 bottom teeth and 4 uppers just coming in. I don't think it has affected her bf'ing too much. In fact, sometimes I feel like she wants to nurse more often b/c it's soothing...
  19. How did you wean when your LO hasn't ever drank ebm from a cup or bottle?

    I have a LO who's 8.5 months old who has always nursed from me, and has had some solids. I work from home. She's never drank expressed breast milk from a bottle or cup.

    My goal is to wean by a...
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    Re: change in feeding pattern

    Yes! At about 3 weeks old, my LO went from 15 mins on both breasts every 2 hrs to about 5-10 minutes on 1 breast only every 2-3 hrs. Your LO probably has just gotten more efficient at each feeding...
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    Re: Question about Nursing Strikes?

    Besides what others posted (teething, ear infection, change in deoderent, etc), my LO went through a little nursing strike when we went on vacation and also when we had visitors. She's just...
  22. Re: Friend's 2 week old: cracked nipples yet perfect latch - help!

    I had cracked, very sore nipples for the first 3 weeks or so too. I used lots of lanolin all day. Since my nipples hurt when wearing a shirt, for a few days, I purchased those breast shells...
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    Re: clear bubble on nipple

    I'd say it's perfectly safe to feed from the breast with the bubble. If it is a blister, it'd be good that it pops. I've had a the same blister come back again and again, and it's good that it pops...
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    Re: Let down hurts this week?

    After my milk supply regulated, I went through another few weeks where letdown hurt a lot more than before. Now, at 8 months old, I just feel a slight tingle. Hang in there...it shouldn't hurt as...
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    Re: tryig to block feed and producing more milk

    How long are your blocks? Can you try increasing your blocks?

    Are you pumping at all? If so, pump only enough for comfort.
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