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  1. Re: 10 Mo. old biting while feeding!

    Thanks so much, I have tried the methods and so far so good. No biting!
  2. 10 Mo. old biting while feeding!

    My 10 MO has recently gotten 2 teeth, not he is biting me while feeding. I don't know what to do, he will not take a bottle, he does drink some, about 3-4 oz from a sippy cup. I know that's not...
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    Re: Advise about introducing solids

    He doesn't nurse much during the day about 3 times, mostly only at night, he wakes up twice and then first thing when he wakes in the morning. I try and feed him before feeding him any solids but...
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    My milk has a green tint

    My pumped milk recently looks very thin and has a green tint to it. Should I call my doctor?
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    Advise about introducing solids

    My six month old doesn't want to Breastfeed much since I started feeding him solid food. He loved the food, he eats well. I try and offer him the breast before I feed him solids but he doesn't want...
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