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  1. 11m old refusing solids- support and tips please

    Hi. My 11 m old does not like solids. She loves to nurse and is very chubby and very active and alert so I'm not so much worried about health but am a little worried about her being behind. She...
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    Re: Is there any harm in waiting?

    We have food allergies in my family and I waited until 9m to start and then started slowly. They were EBF up until then.
  3. Re: Almost one week old and pumping exclusively

    Hope your oversupply has evened out. I had that in the beginning to and now am having no problems. Best wishes.
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    Re: when do I pump?

    In the past, I've used a manual pump and pumped 1 side while feeding on the other if I knew that she would not want to switch sides. That might help just to have a small amount of emergency milk.
  5. Nursing baby and would like to pump for toddler

    Hi. I posted this in the tandem nursing section but this might be a better section to post to.

    I am nursing my 5m old and would like to start pumping for my 2.5 y/o who weaned when her sister...
  6. Temas: So sad.

    by @llli*jjk

    Re: So sad.

    That must be hard. I'm glad that the last time she nursed was a great experience though.:hug
  7. Re: Oversupply and Green Poop- What to do?

    Thanks! I started block feeding yesterday afternoon and have already noticed a difference in her crying less :) The OALD is mainly in the evenings so I'll try that suggestion.
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    Re: Green Stool

    I too have oversupply and OALD and an almost 5 week old and a 2.5 yr old.

    It seems like my previous nursing experience might help you: Luckily, I was very successful nursing my oldest (She just...
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    Re: Green Poop in Breastfed Infant?

    This is helpful to me too. Thanks!
    We meet all of the symptoms of oversupply and it is hard to see her so upset while nursing. She turns red from crying even though I try to help her and finally...
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    Re: Our weaning story

    The pumping thing really helped although she was progressing well weaning-wise anyway. I pumped due to engorgement and then thought it would be a good way for her to feel included in the...
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    Our weaning story

    Hi. I just wanted to share our story in case it helps others. I breastfed our oldest daughter throughout my entire pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, she was 21 months old and nursing day and...
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    Re: Thrush problem

    We just started Nystatin for a mild case for my 4 wk old. The info we were given says just to wait 5-10 min after giving med to eat. That's a lot easier- maybe you can ask about the time frame we...
  13. Oversupply and Green Poop- What to do?

    Hi. My 4 wk old exclusively bf daughter has green poop at night. It is yellow during the day but I have oversupply in the evening which I think is why her poop is turning green at night. Is the...
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    Re: Weaning to get pregnant?

    I was 18m postpartum when I got my period back. I had that cycle and 1 other one 6wks later and then was pregnant! I struggled a little to get pregnant with DD1 so I was amazed to be pregnant with...
  15. Re: 2 years old and more demanding than when he was born

    My daughter just recently turned two also. She is dayweaned (did it herself fairly suddenly when I found out I was preggo). Prior to that she nursed quite often and didn't eat solids well. ...
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    It's nice to know you're not alone :)
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    Re: So how often do you nurse?

    I could've written this :) My 21m old nurses 10-12 times a day (including night) too. Ours tends to be when she wakes up, 11ish, nap before and after, evening, and the rest is at night. She's...
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    Re: Dr. Jay Gordon method-it works!!!

    That's a great perspective! I think in some ways I'm lucky to be very near-sighted b/c I can't read the clock at night so I just don't worry about the time.
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    Rave for MIL

    Hi. We've just gotten back from a 4 day vacation with family to celebrate DD turning 1. My mom has always been supportive and my MIL breastfed her children but could only do it up to 4m. I was...
  20. Re: Please help. Turning 1 tomorrow and not that interested in solids

    Thanks so much for all the replies! She has actually suddenly started to eat somewhat better. A few months ago, I read My Child Won't Eat and agree that it is a great book.
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    Re: And then he was TWO.

    Happy Birthday DJ! Shelly thanks so much for writing this. My daughter is celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow. This was inspirational and makes me excited for the year ahead :)
  22. Please help. Turning 1 tomorrow and not that interested in solids

    Hi. My DD is turning 1 tomorrow :) and is not that interested in solids. We started solids with her at 9m due to her not seeming ready before and a family hx of severe allergies. Overall, she is...
  23. Re: how old was your baby? what did he/she eat?

    9m old when we started. She is just getting more interested at almost 11m now.
  24. Please help- Advantages for delaying solids if we have a family hx of allergies

    Hi Everyone!
    My DD just turned 9m yesterday and is exclusively breastfed. I have read that delaying solids can help prevent food allergies. My brother has severe severe allergies (all dairy,...
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