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    Re: Sunblock

    I use waterbabies...just don't buy generic. My MIL got that for my DS when he was 10 mos. old, and he broke out in a rash.
  2. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    There is definitely a predisposition genetically to allergies/asthma/immune issues. My sister's children have severe food allergies, and no one in our family had food allergies, but did have asthma...
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    Re: sippy cups

    How old? i'm a speech pathologist working with kids under 3 y.o. and I always recommend a straw over sippy for muscle development. That being said, sippy cups with no valve are best, as they don't...
  4. Re: Something seems different - baby sick? Something I ate?

    sounds like reflux, with the gurgling upon waking, and more saliva produced in response to acid presence. How are diapers? No other signs/symptoms of a cold or respiratory thing that would be causing...
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    Re: oral contraceptives

    I was on minipill with DS and plan on it again. I did not have a decrease in supply and didn't get AF until he was 10 mos. old. However, I've known 3 people in my life that have gotten pregnant...
  6. Re: Just can't figure this out!!! HELP!!

    You may want to explore reflux?? Talk to your ped. about symptoms. How are diapers??
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    Re: tugging, pulling, pushing, ouch!

    I do think it's teething too. My DS got his first teeth at 5 1/2 months, and DD has all the signs. My supply is back up now, and she seems better at least most of the time. She's doing a little...
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    Re: eating too little at 8 weeks

    You may explore what you are eating, since they spit up/burp a lot...I had to cut out dairy products for my DD, which helped her tummy immensely, and then soy was cut too. She used to be very fussy...
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    Re: Does BF frequency change?

    I agree with the growth spurt thing. It really increases frequency. You may want to try offering the breast more frequently/close together during the day, to help with daytime/nighttime. I did every...
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    Re: tugging, pulling, pushing, ouch!

    I forgot to answer the questions:
    wet diapers are fine, but she has been demanding feeding more frequently today. I think you're right. Thanks again!
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    Re: tugging, pulling, pushing, ouch!

    Interesting you should ask, as we have had some family stress lately...and I was thinking I was producing less when pumping. I will try to increase feeds/pump times and see what happens. Thanks so...
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    tugging, pulling, pushing, ouch!

    Help please!
    My 5 month old DD is nursing fine, in terms of amounts, but she is hurting me!!! She pulls on my nipple, sucking very hard, and then pushes with her fist back against it, until it pulls...
  13. Re: What's your opinion? Breast milk and solid food for 9 month old and teething del

    I think the important thing is that your DCP is doing what you ask, and following your schedule/menu as you have dictated. I agree that you need to offer BM first, then follow with what solids they...
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    Re: Night Waking and Fussy after Peas???

    We tried peas, and both times DD had a hard time, and then had diarrhea the next day, so we're holding off those for a LONG time. She did better with butternut squash and sweet potatoes.
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    Re: growth spurt or just changing????

    Pay attention to what you are eating too, see if there's anything at all you've added or had more of. My DD is very sensitive to increases in milk and soy in my diet. Another culprit cold be teething.
  16. Re: 12 week old STILL eating every 2-3 hours

    I found with both kids that feeding at least every 2 hours during the day, even if that meant waking up to feed, would lead to a stretch at night. I kept in mind the number of feedings I was to shoot...
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    Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    You might try another medication. Reflux really stinks for babies, and it hurts to drink, even if they don't vomit there's pain in the esophagus from acid being there. Try nursing sitting him up...
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    Re: Gassy Breastmilk?

    Have you tried any simethicone drops? I was advised to start these around 2 months, as my LO is very gassy all the time. Mylecon is a brand name, but we've tried the store-brand and they are the...
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    Re: Desperate - Pain between feedings

    I had very sore, red nipples at about 6 weeks, and went to my midwife for my postpartum check up. She was very matter of fact, saying "you have a yeast infection in your nipples." It was very...
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    Re: Inconsolable!

    I had a similar occurrence with my DD, not for as long as yours, sorry to hear about it. But she had screaming fits, at various times of the day. Sudden, horrible fits that sounded as if she was in...
  21. Re: Baby having constipation from taking formula - help

    My 4 month old only poops every 2-3 days, and she is exclusively BF. It's totally normal, apparently.

    btw, we had to cut out milk from my diet early on because it made her constipated, so I...
  22. Re: Began work 2 weeks ago- hates fake nipple

    My DD hated Avent and Playtex nipples, we finally had success with Breastflow by the First Years. At daycare she did only 1 oz. from bottles at first, now does 4-5 oz. They warm it and run warm water...
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    Re: intake at DC

    Our dc provider tried turning the lights off and holding my DD up really close to her, also in the kitchen that was attached to the infant room (totally minimized noise and distraction) and she took...
  24. Re: NOT pumping and NOT pumping enough milk

    I'm not working full time, but finding whatever ways I can to keep up my supply at home. Days home, I pump in the morning as long as I can, because I'm extra full. Even many days I work, I still...
  25. Re: New to pumping and going back to work - questions

    I forgot to mention I nurse on one side at a time. Have since she was born. Originally it was to give more hind milk and less foremilk per feeding, for calories and because I've heard it helps avoid...
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