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    Re: Very sore, bleeding nipples

    you are not letting your dd down. don't give up!:cheer

    I used lansinoh after every bf.
    Then I also exposed my breasts after every bf to sort of air them out. In fact, I walked around bra...
  2. Re: Is there a reason why I shouldn't eat peanut butter?

    My ds is G6PD deficient. Does that mean I should avoid beans (fava, soy, etc) while I'm bfing?? I love beans and so far my ds has been fine but I don't want to continue eating them if the...
  3. Re: impatience at breast - low pumping output

    Co-sleep when you can.
    When at home on weekends and whenever you can - do nothing but bfeed, eat, and sleep. Bfeed, eat, and sleep. . . this helped improve my supply.
    We just stayed in the room...
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    Re: Pain at five months

    I hope it has nothing to do with plugged ducts?
    Is the pain only there when you are nursing? If yes, then it's just probably the latch and her teething. Try pushing her more against your breast so...
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