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  1. Re: Seven Month Old Refuses Bottle All of a Sudden

    As draining as it is to have the baby attached to you 24/7, I wouldn't say that it isn't "normal." My dd periodically goes through phases where she only wants me...and she is almost 3!
    I think 7...
  2. Re: Rebuilding a milk supply at 8 months

    I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling supported by your mother in law. It sounds like you really don't want to supplement with formula, and you probably don't have to at this point. The rule of...
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    Re: I want to start pumping...

    Congratulations on your new baby! THe pump you are using is a good pump, so if you are following the directions, you should eventually be able to get a good amount of milk.
    One reason you aren't...
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    Re: Milk production - issues

    Also, be aware that what you pump out is not what your baby can get out. Healthy babies are more efficient than even the best pump! Sounds like you are both doing just fine :)
  5. Re: Any hope on weaning my 2 month old off bottle supplement?

    I hope I'm not too late here!
    Your baby is telling your body to make more milk. Your body WILL make more milk if you put your baby to the breast instead of giving supplements! I think that it is...
  6. Re: Baby did not get to birthweight at 2 wk check

    Is he having enough wet and dirty diapers? That is important as well. Also, what are the pediatricians saying?
    Stress can interfere with milk supply in different ways, so take steps to deal with...
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    Re: too short of feed?

    Actually, at six weeks babies commonly have a growth spurt, so even if he is asking to nurse (with ANY of the cues, not just crying) every hour it is important to let him because he is teaching your...
  8. Re: Warning...ranting about family judging me for extended breastfeeding!

    It takes a strong and confident mom to persevere and do what you know is best for your child in the midst of all of this criticism. It might help how you feel if you are just not the one to bring up...
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    Re: More solids for DD

    I just wanted to point out what a wonderful thing it is that she is past a year old and you are concerned that she may not be getting enough breastmilk. Many people assume that breastmilk has no...
  10. Re: Waking through night and breastfeeding to sleep!

    My daughter slept through the night from about 6 weeks to 7 months and then started waking up all the time! She stilll wakes 1-2 times at 27 months, even though we don't nurse to sleep anymore. So,...
  11. Re: Help please!! Colicy maybe but not sure..

    This doesn't address the fussiness, but I think it is important for you and any other new moms reading this to note that you cannot tell how much you are producing by how much you can get out of a...
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    Re: 30lb weight loss in 3 weeks!

    I've been told that even people who are practically starving still produce quality milk and keep their babies healthy in a situation where they would have died without the breastmilk.
    So, unless you...
  13. Re: baby is resisting the breast** Please help!!**

    At this point, I would recommend holding off on the bottle all together whether you are out or not. PP is so right, LO wants the instant gratification of the bottle. BUT, he does not know the risks...
  14. Re: Loss of Milk Supply in the Last 3-4 Days

    Is she still getting enough wet and dirty diapers? Is she still active during the day? These are things to look for when you are concerned that you are "losing" your milk. If she doesn't have enough...
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    Re: Not interested in solids yet

    I personally wouldn't start with cereal because it contains allergens like soy.
    Try bananas maybe. I think it is ok to keep offering every day, once a day, just don't stress about it! Like you said,...
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    Re: Ibuprofen and Nursing

    That is Motrin, right? After I gave birth, the hospital gave me Motrin 600 for pain and specifically said that it was safe for nursing. Also, you can go to kellymom.com and click on the Is this safe?...
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    Re: wont take a bottle?

    Are you going back to work? If you just need to be away for a few hours once in a while, baby can be fed with a supplementor---like a cup, syringe, or eye dropper. Some babies just really hate the...
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    Re: we're two weeks away!!

    :ita If you pump, your milk will still be there at night when she comes back to your house. I'm sure he'll give her a bottle of breastmilk, and even if he doesn't, she'll probably still want to nurse...
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    Re: 8 month old feeding schedule...

    That sounds like quite a lot of solid food for an 8 month old. As much as Gerber would like you to believe otherwise, breastmilk (or formula, I guess) should be the primary source of nutrition for...
  20. Re: 10 mo. old refusing to nurse - likes solids more

    I think that at 10 months they really need the either breastmilk or formula to meet all of their nutritional needs. If you really can't pump anymore and the baby won't nurse, you should probably give...
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    Re: Pulling off & latching back on

    Your baby is probably trying to get more milk. My dd did that too. Just keep up the nursing session until she indicates that she is done. It should help increase your milk supply to satisfy her need...
  22. Re: not emptying breast...and other issues

    How do you know that your breast isn't empty? At 5 months, she is probably pretty good at knowing when she is satisfied. Plus, you said that she jumps to the other side? That sounds like a good...
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    Re: Stressing...B/F and Formula

    Do whatever you can to relax. Take the baby into a warm bath with you, lay around in bed with the baby, take some time off from the house work, drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods, and, of...
  24. Temas: sick

    by @llli*mimismama

    Re: sick

    At Kellymom.com there is a whole section listing medicines that are considered safe for breastfeeding. I think Dimetapp is supposed to be fine, but I would definitely check that site out. Sorry, I'm...
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    Re: I think I messed up... again!

    Yes, please use a supplementer, NOT a bottle. The artificial nipple will cause your baby to have an incorrect latch that is really hard to fix. If you can't get to a LC right away, use a medicine...
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