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  1. Re: First boozy night for mama-- how long to pump and dump?

    Forget it--- found this on kellymom.com. I didn't know this!

    Alcohol does not accumulate in breastmilk, but leaves the milk as it leaves the blood; so when your blood alcohol levels are back...
  2. Re: Made it to a year...can I PLEASE pump wean now?

    I just pump weaned a few weeks ago and I can't TELL you how nice it is!!! You'll love it. It's the best of both worlds--- not having to pump but still being able to BF the love of your life. :love
  3. First boozy night for mama-- how long to pump and dump?

    It's been a year of having my favorite baby attached to me, so I feel it's time to have one night out. I am going overnight to a chalet with a friend and will be having a few drinks. Is there a...

    And a great deal of the credit goes to all of you mamas and this wonderful board! In the early days I was on here constantly. I learned a lot. We had a rough start--- actually I did, he was a...
  5. Re: Don't want to nurse when teething?

    Ok, I have now tried a couple of tricks that have worked some of the time. I prime one side so that he doesn't have to work to get it to letdown, turn on his favorite shows (Baby Einsteins), sit all...
  6. Re: Don't want to nurse when teething?

    Nursed when he woke this morning but wouldn't do it later. I sure hope this isn't the end.... :cry
  7. Re: Don't want to nurse when teething?

    I did consider an ear infection, but the reason I thought it was teething is because of all the drooling and that it seemed like it caused him a lot of pain when trying to latch. He couldn't even get...
  8. Don't want to nurse when teething?

    My LO is almost a year and has 6 teeth that appeared out of nowhere without so much as a second of crankiness or drooling. He has been the easiest teether and we've been counting our blessings! The...
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    Re: fenugreek

    I took it and it helped me a little, but it helped my SIL a lot.

    One more thing--- the bottle will say to take less than what you will need. I think mine said 1 capsule twice a day. You will need...
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    Re: When Aunt Flo returns.....

    I must be psychic.... she showed up this morning, 4 days after I posted this. Boooooo!
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    Re: beastfeeding pillows? help or hype?

    I too didn't care for the Boppy but loooooved MyBrestFriend. It was a Godsend.
    I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to feed without it, but at about 2 months I started going without and eventually...
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    Re: how difficult were the early weeks?

    Congratulations on 8 weeks!!! :clap

    My first 2 months were awful. I hated it and many times thought about just giving him a bottle of formula here or there for a break, because I was nursing him...
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    Re: Not really enjoying nursing...

    I had a cluster feeder who ate ALL.THE.TIME. It was very tough, having 2 other kids to take care of. There were many, many times where I thought about popping open one of the sample formula cans I...
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    When Aunt Flo returns.....

    To those of you who went a long time without seeing your period, was that first one pretty harsh? Just curious.... I know it's going to hit me out of the blue one of these days. :)
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    Re: liquids...

    DS has been doing water with meals since he started solids at 6 months. I'll also give him some between meals for hydration (it's summer and he's a sweaty butt) and practice with the cup. I didn't do...
  16. Re: Supply decrease at 9 months-- natural?

    Yow! It'd be pretty miraculous if that was the case here. :)
  17. Re: Supply decrease at 9 months-- natural?

    Yes, I am keeping up but barely. I am worried that one of these days I won't have enough. Good to know that a lot of women have "just enough" when they get to this point. I'll just keep my fingers...
  18. Re: No more milk in storage, when do I pump now?

    I BF and pump for when I work 2 days a week. I too don't have extra and never have. I don't get a lot when I pump. I pump all week for those couple of days that I work, and I can forget going to get...
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    Re: need some predictability

    I was in the exact same boat. I found that once we got going on solids, things became more routine.
  20. Supply decrease at 9 months-- natural?

    I've read that a few people experience a decrease in supply around 9 months. My LO is 10 months and at around 9 months my supply seemed to decrease. I have never had a huge supply and used...
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    Re: Nursing Mama's Appetite

    I have been not pregnant and still hungry since July. :shrug I read that a lot of nursing mamas lost weight initially after having their babies, but then ended up gaining, and didn't lose until they...
  22. Re: Need advice from the experienced.....

    Wow, 6!! You are truly amazing!!! I had a hard time with 3!

    DS#1 was 8 and DS#2 was 3 1/2 when DS#3 was born. Little #3 has been a cluster feeder from day 1, which really threw me at first. I had...
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    Re: Crib issues.

    We were exactly where you are right now a couple of months ago. I was completely lost because my first 2 were such awesome sleepers. I wanted him to think of his crib as a happy place, so I would put...
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    Re: Cow's milk for cereal?

    Just doing the organic baby oatmeal. He isn't ready for anything else yet..... gets gaggy.

    Thanks for the replies. :)
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    Cow's milk for cereal?

    My 8 month old gets cereal with fruit in the mornings. I have been using formula for his cereal because I barely pump enough to keep him fed when I have to work. He gets 1 or maybe 2 oz. of formula...
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