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  1. HELP! Giving breastmilk in a bottle

    I need to give my baby my
    Milk in a bottle. She is only 5 days old and it just hurts so much I can't do another feeding. She is always hungry. I have the avent twin electric breast pump and I...
  2. Re: HELP! breast feeding and bottle feeding at same time?

    what about just pumping and stashing my milk, ill be going back to work too so im a little worried. could i still have enough milk to feed the baby on my breast and pump throughout the day? or how...
  3. HELP! breast feeding and bottle feeding at same time?

    i am 37 weeks pregnant and i plan on supplying only my milk, i've read just about everything on why not to use formula and i want to do everything i can to make sure my baby only drinks my milk. i...
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    Re: sleep questions

    i have read that you should create the sleep schedule, you should pick the time to wake the baby up even if he is sleeping and pick a time to go to sleep at night or a nap time. my sister has been...
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    Sticky: Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    yeah, excellent video, thank you!
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