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    Re: Won't open his mouth

    Thank you all so much! You've given me some great advice to pass on.

    This is actually her third child, but she had no problems breastfeeding the first two. Her little boy (the one she's having...
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    Won't open his mouth

    I have a friend who just had her baby, and her baby won't open his mouth to eat! Her nipples are getting pretty sore, and I'd love to pass on a list of things for her to try. Any ideas? Tips?...
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    How do supplements work?

    How exactly do supplements like fenegreek (sp?), more milk plus, etc work to increase supply? What do they do in our bodies that makes us produce more milk? Thanks
  4. Re: New 1st Time Mommy with Questions!

    I'm also a newbie, but I'm really interested in finding out about the long sleep thing since my baby does this too! (born 10/25) Personally I love my sleep so I'm not anxious to wake her in the...
  5. Re: Is this a problem? Conflicting advice

    Thanks JeannieBean! I'm really happy to have found LLL and these forums! Who'd have thought it'd be so difficult to learn about breastfeeding?!

    Anyways, it's comforting to know I'm doing what that...
  6. Is this a problem? Conflicting advice

    First off, let me thank anyone who can help me with this. I have come across so much conflicting advice (or no advice at all) I feel completely lost. I also apologize for this being so long.

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