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    Re: dental work for mom

    Local anesthetics are considered compatible with breastfeeding. For more information, see Dr. Thomas Hale's website regarding drugs and breastfeeding, and his book on the subject is also an excellent...
  2. Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    I'm not so sure myself that it is too early for block feeding. You seem to be making a lot of milk. Some of your engorgement may subside after your baby has her 7-10 day growth spurt, and nurses very...
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    Re: Nursing Fears

    I'm wondering, were you up on your feet a lot after you had your second baby? When you don't sit or lie down enough in the first couple of weeks after birth, it can make it harder for your uterous to...
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    Re: Issue with wanting to breastfeed

    Back when I was in my twenties and a newlywed, I had no interest in babies and children at all. I car pooled to work (at a school, lol) with women who were living for the day when they could quit...
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    Re: Sadness while nursing

    I have never heard of this before. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the drop in blood sugar that occurs with MER? A sudden drop in blood sugar can create very negative feelings, sadness,...
  6. Re: 6 week old possible latching on problems

    Sounds like she's doing beautifully.
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    Re: I'm not liking BLS/BWL/Skipping Purees!

    I'm going to sound like a grandma here, because I am. Back in the day, we started with purees briefly, went to hand ground table food, and at the same time, finger food. I helped spoon feed at first,...
  8. Re: all my child will eat is cheese and organic gerber ravioloe

    Unless you have dairy allergies in the family, ravioli should have nothing to do with sleep habits. (Dairy allergic kids can sleep very restlessly.) If it's any comfort, some toddlers like the same...
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    Re: is it bad?

    Sounds about right for a seven month old. Some babies are interested in food early on, and others not so much. I don't think it hurts to offer food on a spoon once in a while, or with your fingers....
  10. Re: How much solids for a 9 month old??

    One more thing: if your daughter was nursing, you might be scooping her up to offer the breast even though she wasn't asking, because she is so physically active. You can do the same by picking her...
  11. Re: How much solids for a 9 month old??

    Good for you, for sticking with the pumping. How many times are you able to pump? Short, frequent pumping is often more effective than infrequent lengthy pumping sessions. If you're trying to make...
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    Re: is it possible?

    That's terrific! She may really like nursing for comfort, and being willing to latch makes using a supplementer system possible. I like the one Dr. Newman uses in his breastfeeding clinics. I...
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    Re: Possible Relactation

    That's wonderful! Have a look at this video about pumping; the moms seem to be getting out that last drop of milk! It shows how to pump while compressing the breasts, and then to hand express to get...
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    Re: Is it? Confused Dom?s

    Have a look at this video. It was produced for moms pumping for premies, and shows combining pumping, breast compression, and hand expression to get the most possible milk. Seems VERY effective. Wish...
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    Re: My Twins are almost 2!!

    Do they have pacifiers? Do they suck them to go to sleep? Could be you could cuddle them close, pop the pacifier out, and yourself in, preferably when they are ready for a sound sleep but not totally...
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    Re: Frustrated

    I know what you mean about finding it difficult to pump, when your baby needs to be held. Sometimes just being across your lap on a pillow isn't enough. Something I did to hold my baby and still have...
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