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  1. Re: two week old newborn not pooping, help!

    i found my digital scale (we moved into our new apartment a few days before the baby arrived.) and weighed myself holding baby and then not. probably not the most accurate, i know. still, the...
  2. two week old newborn not pooping, help!

    my two week old baby, born at 37 weeks, is not pooping. she was born at home (accidental unassisted birth!) and though small, about 2500 grams, was perfect according to her pediatrician. she nursed...
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    Re: 17 months and not eating much

    thanks for all the great tips! my fifteen month daughter is starting to eat a little better, but i still worry sometimes. she bfs all the time, thank goodness, and i know at least three molars are...
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    Re: Breastmilk not Sufficient?

    bumping this thread just to say thank you! we just had out 10 month appt today and n gained half a pound in three months! she was just under 18 lbs at 7 months, and now she's about 18 1/2 lbs.
  5. Re: Is it normal for me to feel this way

    just wanted to say thank you for sharing all these experiences -- i guess that could be a general thank you to all the posts on this forum ;) but this thread particularly hits a chord with me as i...
  6. Re: funny things your LO does while nurs

    ever since n started standing (she turned 10 months yesterday!) and especially now that she's cruising around, she will stick her butt in the air while bfing, and bounce it up and down. also, she's...
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    Re: Nighttime issues and TTC

    oh, excellent info, joe.s.mom, thank you! i've been wondering about when the average period returns even if still nursing on demand and was relieved to your post. :) excellent news, thanks.
  8. Re: Never knew I'd be sentimental about

    :lol i feel absolutely the same! we're doing blw so it's been a slow change but i realized the other day that i haven't seen a truly breastmilk-only poop on a long time. :cry ah well. they grow up...
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    Re: Just wanted to share

    :thumbsup woohoo!
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    Re: happy dance!

    :clap congrats! it's important to take a moment at least and be proud of what we're doing for our little ones ~ hope to join you in a few months myself! :)
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    Re: Yay! We made it!

    congrats! i hope to be where you are in 3 months... :thumbsup
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    Re: 24+ hrs since last nurse

    :thumbsup well done!
  13. Re: new to pumping & baby is 8 mos old

    thanks for the reply, susan. why a cup versus a bottle? she loves drinking cold water now and then from my (glass) cup but we have to hold it pretty steady or it'd slosh everywhere... so i guess a...
  14. new to pumping & baby is 8 mos old

    hi! i've been breastfeeding my little girl for 8 1/2 months now and this morning decided to pump for the first time ever. so! lots of questions and worries.

    she's been sick the last day or so and...
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    Re: How to tell when baby is hungry?

    baby girl will be 8 mos. tomorrow and i still find it a little difficult at times. basically if she's rubbing her eyes, is all of a sudden cranky or crying, if it's been more than 3 hours, or if my...
  16. Re: surprised at 8.5 month olds appetite

    Thanks for posting this!

    My daughter will be 8 months tomorrow and we're loosely doing BLW. For us, basically that means at this point she gnaws on some apple, clementines, pears, bread rolls,...
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    Re: questions about bfing beyond 1

    that is too funny yoginimama! i live in bolivia where the aymara people, who make up a big part of the population, have the word "ñyu-ñyu", which means nipples. since our baby girl was born, that's...
  18. Re: Why do I have nipple pain now??

    i logged on to look for the same question as well! my baby will be 8 months tomorrow (sigh!) and cut her bottom two teeth a month ago but i thiiiink she's getting ready for some more, as her cheeks...
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    Re: 2 week old & no dirty diapers?

    that's how our now-2-month-old baby was around 2, 3 weeks. now she's pooping at least twice a day, big ones :), but back then i worried too. don't worry ~ as long as the wet diapers are plentiful and...
  20. Re: bit of a ramble and rant. feeling sad...

    ah, your post made me laugh, thank you! i could go in circles forever as well... ;)

    i'm a new mom with an almost 7 week old newborn and am juuust starting to get out of the breastfeeding pain and...
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    Re: Painful BF after 4 weeks

    that does sound like thrush. i'm still a newbie at bf and am currently trying to figure out if i have thrush myself so i can't answer your questions but here's a great link to check out while you...
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    Re: Sleepy Baby

    i'm brand new to the forum and brand new to breastfeeding (it'll be 6 weeks on thursday :clap) but from what i read and saw with our own baby, often newborns,especially the first week or so, are...
  23. Re: getting over sickness, now breasts are sore

    i keep wondering about thrush. no signs of it in my baby, and my breasts don't itch. i'm not on any antibiotics right now though i was right after her birth over a month ago for about five days.
  24. getting over sickness, now breasts are sore

    two days ago i started getting sick, my throat felt sore, then yesterday i had a high fever (101, 102) all day long, with last night being a haze of chills, aching body, and raging headache. today...
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