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  1. Re: Dropping lunchtime nursing in 15 month old- need advice


    I had the same situation and I did what you did, I slowly stopped the mid-day nursing except when they (I have twin girls) were sick or had a cold, then I would nurse during the day...
  2. Re: Confusion and discouragement

    Another thing you might want to try along with a nurse-in is nursing on one breast for a block of say... 2 to 3 hours, and express the other breast just to comfort. The 2-3 hours is an approx, it's...
  3. Re: Hole in areola! Teeth, ouch!

    I had the same problem! My 10 month old girl has a row of top teeth and they hurt!! I usually nurse with her across my front. I made a small change and it's waaaay better! Instead of placing her on...
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    Top teeth hurt!

    Suggestions? My 9 month old has her two top teeth and they are digging into my breast :( She's not biting but I need some suggestions on different positions to nurse with top teeth?? So far only one...
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