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    Re: Question about date night

    My husband and I recently had our first date night and I had the same concerns since I still nurse my 1 yr old daughter to sleep and when she wakes at night she just wants me. My father came and she...
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    Re: Crying over spilled milk

    My first day back to work I spilled about 4 oz on myself and the floor in the kitchen at my office. I said a few choice words and sobbed while cleaning it up. So, not only was I feeling terribly sad...
  3. Re: I know my storage bags aren't leaking!! I'm losing my mi

    I had the same problem but it was like everyone said, the difference was that the measurement markings were nit the same on my pump bottles, storage bags and the feeding bottles. They were all...
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    Re: Having trouble building stash

    When I was preparing to go back to work I just pumped once a day about 30 min to an hour after my daughter ate in the morning. I ended up with a good stash that way. As others have said even an ounce...
  5. Re: Made it to one year! Wooohooo!

    Mommal, I like quietly present...It sounds less creepy! :) And I definietly got a LOT from the forum over the past year. I would spend my pumping breaks at work reading. It really has been a...
  6. Made it to one year! Wooohooo!

    I have made it to a year breastfeeding my daughter and other than starting solids at 6 months breast milk is all she has had. I have also made it through pumping while working full time. I believe I...
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    Poll: Re: Breast Pump Recommendations?

    I have been using the Hygeia Enjoye for almost a year without any problems. My LO will be one in two weeks and I have been back to work full time since she was twelve weeks pumping 4 times a day...
  8. Re: Soon-to-Be New Mom! Help finding a Breast Pump!!

    I have the Hygeia Enjoye and have been very happy with it. I work full time and have been using it for about nine months with no problems. Best of luck to you!
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